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Any cool MLB baseball game coming out for Xbox 360?

I love baseball games but i have had a terrible experience with the 2k games for xbox 360. They are horrible and im wondering if there is going to be an upgrade to the 2k series or something else is going to come out because i want a good baseball game to come out on xbox 360?ANY THOUGHTS??


2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    PS3 execs: greater internet get admission to for unfastened greater helpful controllers person-friendly to configure Has universal video games which includes Little vast Planet, Grand Turismo 5, murderer's Creed 2. Can play blue ray disks, CD's, DVDs greater helpful photographs PS3 cons: some PS3 fashions basically have 2 USB ports It value better than Xbox 360 Controllers are the same with the aid of fact the PS2 Xbox execs: Has video games which includes Halo, Xbox arcade, Soul high quality 4. value much less Xbox stay enables connection with acquaintances international huge shops track Xbox Cons: bigger failure value Xbox stay value funds greater durable configuration much less storage (GB) PS3 is greater helpful for my area. PS3 is greater helpful for activities video games.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's not going to be anymore baseball games besides MLB THE BIGS.

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