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BoSoxFan asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

I'm having a big MLB TTM week?

Anybody no if these guys are good signers:

Hideki Matsui

Magglio Ordonez

Melvin Mora

Brad Lidge

Brad Penny

Scott Podsednik

Jef Harris

Alejandro Freire

Roberto Hernandez

Chipper Jones

Darin Erstad

Felipe Lopez

Jeff Francoeur

Dave Williams

John Koronka

Andre Ethier

Corey Patterson

Willy Mo Pena

Jason Bergmann

Jason Kubel

Dave Bush

Jason Davis

Nate Mclouth

Robert Fick

Andrew Miller

Jason Grilli

Josh Paul

Khalil Greene

Rickie Weeks

Crisitian Guzman

Matthew LeCroy

Logan Kensing

Mike Cameron

Coco Crisp

Miguel Tejada

Prince Fielder

Johnny Estrada

Bobby Livingston

Jason Botts

Aaron Miles

Alex Rios

BJ Ryan

Aaron Hill

Odalis Perez

Connor Jackson

Ramon Hernadez

Hector Luna

Gustavo Chacin

Gregg Zaun

Duaner Sanchez

Roy Halladay

Please feel free to elaborate on your past successes and or failure.

Thank You

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago
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    Hideki Matsui: No.

    Magglio Ordonez: No

    Melvin Mora: No.

    Brad Lidge: yes

    Brad Penny: No

    Scott Podsednik: No

    Jef Harris: Not sure

    Alejandro Freire: Not sure

    Roberto Hernandez: Not sure

    Chipper Jones: Not your card, sends a signed postcard.

    Darin Erstad: No.

    Felipe Lopez: No.

    Jeff Francoeur: No.

    Dave Williams: No.

    John Koronka: No.

    Andre Ethier: Sometimes.

    Corey Patterson: No.

    Willy Mo Pena: No.

    Jason Bergmann: No.

    Jason Kubel: No.

    Dave Bush: Yes.

    Jason Davis: Not sure.

    Nate Mclouth: Yes.

    Robert Fick: Not sure.

    Andrew Miller: With a $10 donation.

    Jason Grilli: Not sure

    Josh Paul: I believe so.

    Khalil Greene: Yes, I have gotten him back.

    Rickie Weeks: No.

    Crisitian Guzman: No.

    Matthew LeCroy: Not sure.

    Logan Kensing: Not sure

    Mike Cameron: Yes.......signs through his home address

    Coco Crisp: No.

    Miguel Tejada: No.

    Prince Fielder: No.

    Johnny Estrada: No.

    Bobby Livingston: Not sure.

    Jason Botts: Not sure.

    Aaron Miles: No.

    Alex Rios: No.

    BJ Ryan: No.

    Aaron Hill: I believe so.

    Odalis Perez: Not sure.

    Connor Jackson: No.

    Ramon Hernadez: YES!

    Hector Luna: No.

    Gustavo Chacin: No.

    Gregg Zaun: No.

    Duaner Sanchez: Not sure.

    Roy Halladay: NO!

    Source(s): Pat Neshek message boards.
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