Good summary for My Sister's Keeper?

a. Kate has had leukemia for almost all of her life, and Anna has been the one who give bone marrow, organs, etcetera, that are needed to treat her.

b. Anna decides to sue her mom, Sara, and her dad, Brain, for the rights to her own body because she does not want to donate a kidney to her sister.

c. Behind her parents back, Anna gets in contact with lawyer Campbell Alexander.

d. As the lawsuit continues, Kate becomes weaker because she needs the kidney.

e. It is revealed that Kate put Anna up to filing a suit against her parents because she was sick of living with leukemia and would rather die.

Book Ending: Anna wins the court case and Campbell takes her to the hospital to see Kate. On the way there, they are hit by a semi truck. Anna dies of a brain injury.

Movie Ending: Kate dies in the hospital.

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    First off, the book is phenomenal. Now to the summary. Combined all together, yes, it is a good summary. You may want to elaborate on some things, maybe include a theme or something, but it is good.

    I would also change the part where you say Kate would rather die. She wouldn't rather die, it is just that she is so tired of living with APL that she has given up. Also, don't say leukemia, be more specific and say APL b/c that is what Kate has. And Anna hasn't given any organs yet- she has given blood, bone marrow, lymphocytes, etc. but no organs.

    Source(s): I have read the book and did extensive research on it for a report and did a report on APL.
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  • Sunny
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    1 decade ago

    Yes- it sounds just right


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yep that sums it up when you put it all love that ones of my all time favorites!

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