Is Cash Advance Florida Inc a real company or a scam?

The alledged Co Owner is William Anders.

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    Answer Found- See Below -STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!!!

    Kent I got this email this morning..!!! 9/11/09

    Dear WorkSource Washington Customer,

    Your privacy and safety as a registered user of WorkSource Washington at is something we take very seriously.

    To help you conduct a safe job search, we would like you to know about an e-mail scam that has been targeted to job seekers using online

    services to search for jobs.

    The scammer uses e-mail messages that include a fraudulent offer of employment and an invitation to serve as a go-between for payment

    processing. Once the scammer has obtained the victim?s trust, checks or money orders are sent for "processing". The victim is asked to

    cash a check or money order, keep a percentage of the funds as payment for their services, and send the balance of the funds back to the

    scammer. Once the funds are sent, the victim's bank or financial institution learns that the check or money order was fraudulent. The funds

    are then subtracted from the victim's account and they are made liable for the lost money.

    If you receive an e-mail message similar to the messages shown below, do not respond to it. If you think you have been a victim of this scam

    or other e-mail fraud, you should report the event to your local authorities to make them aware of the situation. You may file a report

    online with the FBI Internet Crimes division at You may also report the event to WorkSource Washington at

    For more information about protecting your privacy, see the WorkSource Washington Security Center Alert at

    We sincerely thank you for using WorkSource Washington and wish you a safe and successful job search.

    Best Regards,

    Joe Racek

    Security Administrator

    WorkSource Washington at

    Sample e-mail message: RJS Interiors Scam

    Kent.. I saw an add for a home based customer service paying position about a week ago. Today I received a form letter from "William Anders" I have the same question. There are two many sharks in the sea and I have lerned to be caucious. The fact that you are to deposit money into YOUR personal account and then transfer funds to the customer makes me cautious.. I came very close to getting into real trouble a few years with a UK scam.. Thank God they spelled my name wrong.. If you get your answer.. before I do, please let me know..



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    1 decade ago

    I also received this very same email this more just like everyone else.

    The email was substandard and looked like it was pasted in and sent to a ton of people.

    I did apply for a position on Careerbuilder on 8/27/09 for a Warehouse Associate/Production Manager however the company name was not listed on the posting.

    he emial did have this title listed on the subject line, however in the body of the email is listed the position as a Customer Service Representative.

    I have complained to Careebuilder a few time already about postings that were not actual jobs, but instead were companies selling their services such as the ones listed as Postal Jobs and state that there are several postal jobs available in my state. When I called then to ask about how they work with the post office to place people in these jobs she told me that they have no affiliation at all but instead they just sell you the postal exam. When I told her hat I search in Michigan from the official postal site they had not jobs and that what they were doing breaks the terms and conditions of the Careerbuilder site. She said she could not talk to me anymore and hung up.

    I reported this to Careerbuilder along with several others and yet the postal posting are still on the site.

    Careerbuilder would not allow my previous company which was a staffing firm to break their terms and conditions by posting fake jobs, so why do they let others. They are not doing their job to make sure that these are ligitimate companies posting jobs and I'm sick of it.

    I is tough in the job market everywhere and here is Michigan it is almost impossible to find work in the poor job market so people should not have to have their time wasted with they fake ads and I will fine a way to expose them even if I need to go to the problem solvers on the news because this is getting out of hand.

    If they will not fix their problem then maybe we all need to expose the problem to the right sources in the media to force them to fix it rather than ruin their reputation.

  • In my email the alleged Co Owner is William Anders

  • 4 years ago

    Trust your instincts. Any company that is offering a high salary would have hundreds if not thousands of hits if you did a google search Do not reply - almost anyone contacting you out of the blue is going to be a scam. I don't know a single company that actually looks through resumes posted on job sites - they don't need to when they will get hundreds of resumes from qualified people for every job they post NEVER give your home address or any other personal information to anyone you have not met in person. A legitimate work from home job would still have you come into their office for an interview, to fill out tax forms, to fill out direct deposit forms, etc Don't bother responding

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    This is obviously a SCAM. I received the same email this morning. I googled them of course and did not come up with a home page. I then googled their address in Tampa, FL. There is an Advance America office at that address. I know from being in that business that they are not going to have them in the same building. maybe next door... Then I came back to google it again so I could answer this post and there is suddenly a home page. Funny how their web address ends in a "nexthour" address! Do they think we are stupid??

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    1 decade ago

    I recieved the same solicitation in my e-mail today.

    I did some quick checking and can find nothing about this company.

    They don't have a website nor can I find any substantiation to their claim to be a mamber of "Best Practices of the Community Financial Services Association of America"

    My e-mail was also worded as if I inquired about a job with them.

    The e-mail came from an AOL account... who does reputable business like this with a generic e-mail addy like AOL or Yahoo?

    I reported them to AOL because their practice is contrary to their TOS.

    It all smells like a scam!

    I would say - STAY AWAY!

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    I got the email as well. I do not remember applying for this company. But I could have overlooked it as I have applied for several as of late. I save all of my emails for jobs I have applied for as careerbuilder sends you a copy when you apply. I can not find an email anywhere stating I applied for them. Besides what was already mentioned by others about the bank accounts, the overall structure of the email just seems substandard. Plus the title of the email ( Warehouse Associates/Production Manager- Immediate Openings). That had nothing to do with what was described in the body of the email.

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    to the person that asked where you applied well i applied at carrer and ever since then i have been getting phone calls and emails from private numbers and jobs like this i want to file a law suite with them for giving my information to people who do not have a legetimite buissness. This is a violation of privacy and not to mention i pay over 140 dollars a month for a blackberry and now it has been breached i cant change the number so what do i do now this is to much carrer builders needs to fix this and fast

    Source(s): my emials start with i found your resume on carrer
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    I got the e-mail also and I think it is a scam as well. but to all who posted can you figure out what job you had applied to to prompt the response from Cash Advance? I want to report it to career builder.

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    I recieved the same email this morning as well and can not find any information on this company. I personally think it is a scam.

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