dell or toshiba? which is better?

i want a new laptop are dells worth buying? how about Toshiba or whatever?

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  • Jeff S
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    1 decade ago
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    Dell's are only good on their higher end machines like the XPS gaming systems. All their other stuff isn't so well built. My brother-in-law has a Dell Inspiron and he always has reliability problems with it. It will lock up often unless he has it on a cooling pad. And I've have had bad experiences with Dell in the past as well. Though their XPS gaming systems are very nice, and very expensive. One of my dorm buddies in college had a Dell Inspiron and had the same exact problems as my brother-in-law with the heating issues.

    Toshiba's are very solid at all pricing tiers. They aren't as mainstream as the Dell's so I think that helps them out in the build quality department. I have several relatives with Toshiba laptops and none of them have issues whatsoever.

    My opinion is that if you have money to burn then get one of the higher end Dell Laptops. However, if you have a more modest budget and are looking for a low - midrange system stick with Toshiba and avoid Dell like the plague.

  • lisa s
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    In our family we have two dells and one toshiba. All are still going strong.

    It is hard to say which one is better without knowing what you will be using your computer for and what the specs are of each machine that you are considering. If you are going to use your laptop for gaming or photography applications, you will need a different type of machine then you would if you were merely going to surf the net and watch movies.

    Its only fair to compare apples to apples.

    If you are considering a dell with a 4k memory and 120gig hard drive

    against a 2k memory and a 120gig hard drive toshiba, your answer would be obvious if (and only if) the price points are nearly the same.

    If the toshiba in my example above were $200 bucks less then the dell, I would take it.

    Unless you are buying top of the line, there is a good chance that the machine will be obsolete before it wears out/breaks down.

    I would think that either of the machines will serve you well for the next 2 to 3 years. By then it will be time to replace it anyway so I would suggest that you resist buying a top of the line unless you really need it NOW. Talk to your friends or family members who have had more than one unit and you will see that most have purchased (or have wanted to purchase) a new machine ever two or three years.

    When you narrow down a few models that do what you need. go online and compare READER reviews that were written by people who actually own each machine to see if you can get more information on each particular model.

    Whatever you decide, youwill be fine.

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    Toshiba consistently outperforms Dell in reviews by independent sources. You do, of course, pay a little more for Toshiba and there's a reason for it.

    Check and other tech-review sites for good information on the specific laptop you're interested in.

    Source(s): Owner of many Toshiba laptops.
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    Tobisha is 10x better than Dell. Dell's are piece of junk and aren't worth buying. Those laptops are what keep computer stores in Business.

  • rini
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    4 years ago

    hiya Joana, all of it somewhat relies upon on the specifications of the laptop/laptop yet I had a Toshiba in the previous and it did destroy from the hardware (not by using fact I dropped it or spilled something on it) so in ,MY opinion attempt Dell, they're meant to be sturdy from what I heard, sturdy success! Edit: i don't understand why all people is thumbing down my answer, it extremely is somewhat stupid, this isn't a great or incorrect answer, flow to besides the fact that answer is sturdy for you.

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  • Anonymous
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    Dell is the #1 laptop seller check the Inspiron 15

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    I prefer Toshiba and Dell second choice.

    Buy direct and save, get best support and warranty.

    Source(s): I use Toshiba Satellite lap tops, have two.
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