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How do I make a hippy outfit for halloween?

i am a hippy at heart...sadly I don't dress that way. Im the type that wears dress pants, dress shirt. I dress more sophisticated than hippy.

anyway I'd love to dress as my inner self for halloween. How do I make a hippy costume for halloween with household items.

cause..its a recession and I'm broke lol.

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    Can you sew with a needle and thread ? Or super glue ?

    Hippies wore flower leis in their hair and as necklaces, also "Love Beads", brightly colored strands of chunky beads, sometimes 3 or more strands at a time.

    Because they "lived on love", many of them didn't have money, and dressed in rags, or shopped at the local "Good will" store, for clothing. Some had holes in their jeans, and used pieces of other material to patch those holes. (hand sewed) Then to dress up their patches, some embroidered flowers and birds on that same piece of clothing.

    If they were clean or their hair was neat, they were most likely the "weekend warrior" version of hippie....with jobs and homes and parents during the week, and only "hanging out" on the weekends. Which kind are you ?

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    you could go with the bell bottom pants.. or a really loose flare pant.

    Tie dye a shirt.

    get some cheap hemp from wal-mart/target etc and make some like braided belts... also you can use some of the hemp to hold a peace sign medallion

    you could take an old brown tee or a black one and cut it up into like hippie fringe vest.

    and of course the stereotypical tie dye bandanna headband thing around the forehead

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  • power
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    3 years ago

    shoes; sandals, very earthy gown; consistent with threat green or brown "boho" and flowy. makeup: hippies do no longer placed on makeup. hair: long and wavy, slightly messy. oh and do not forget beads, and flowers!

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