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Which Gecko Is Easy To Breed?

hi i am getting two geckos and i was asking which one is easy to breed a Leopard or a African Fat Tailed

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    Yeah i got to agree with g3ko. Leopard geckos are really easy to breed as long as all requirements are meant. only real 'hard' part to breeding, is keeping up with all the babies.

    As for AFTs i hear their quite easy too. but i don't work with them so im not that knowledgeable there.

    Source(s): I own and run, Specializing in leopard geckos, but have kept/bred other reptiles. If you have any more question please feel free to email me.
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    Personally I don't know much about the African fat tailed, however with leopard geckos its as easy as putting a male and female in the same tank when their of appropriate size/age and wait for some eggs to pop up.

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    I've heard panther geckos are particularly convenient. They're no longer too requiring and are ordinarily less expensive to shop for. Private breeders will absolutely cost extra due to the fact that they breed for colours and styles greater than something else. I realize I did not rather say so much, however I that is what is been going round.

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    Leopard geckos have been known for years for there easy care and how easy to breed them.

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