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in the movie stand by me,,?

why did teddy freak out when the man from the junkyard called his dad a looney??

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    He freaked out because he looks up to his dad so much. All through the movie, Teddy acts like his dad; wanting to be in the army like him, so he's always making references to the army and D-day -(which his dad was in, storming the beach). For some odd reason, even after the abuse, he still really idolized his dad. Gordie in the film couldn't figure it out either! This is why when Milo called his dad a looney, he freaked. He was making fun of his idol.

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    Because he called his dad a looney. He doesn't want people to think he has a looney for a dad (even if it's true) so he just responded.

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    Cause they put his Dad in an institution after he burned teddy's ear almost off when he was younger. Excellent movie!!

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    because he actually is in a mental hospital place, because he tried to burn teddys ear off, so Teddy was kind of sensitive about him.

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