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How should I become fluent?

Hello! I am pretty gifted in languages (I learn quicker and faster than some) but I do not have the resources to become fluent in more languages. My first language is English, and I know a fair-medium amount of Spanish. I spent five days in Spain and went from knowing the basics to speaking only Spanish! I am looking for a summer program to become fluent in either French or Spanish (in France or Spain) and tips to help me learn in the US. I really want to become fluent, so what are some tips to help acquaint myself with the languages in the US? The program would need to be for a 13 year old, and hopefully a camp I could do by myself.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question!


also, im really looking for tips in general -- not necessarily only french or spanish

also, i really want to learn the basics and pronunciation of french

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    My advice to you (from a Spanish speaker who has lived in the DR and Ecuador before)

    Immerse yourself in Spanish. Since you can't go to another country, study online places like Spanishdict.com and join the communities there. Also make Spanish speaking friends and talk only in Spanish with them.

    I don't know of any camps but there are a lot of good podcasts you can use and watching DVD's with spanish on and Spanish subtitles helps me.

    Buena suerte!

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    i've got found out from all and sundry of those responses that there is a huge variety in what human beings have faith "fluency" to be. I studied jap on my own for years, 2 years formally in college, lived and worked in Japan for 7 years, am married to a jap guy, co-authored an English communique textbook which nevertheless sells extraordinarily plenty in Japan after 10 years on the marketplace, have 2 young ones in jap Saturday college doing the finished public college curriculum, and seek for suggestion from jap flow families a number of hours an afternoon of their language. i will declare extraordinarily much something i opt to declare in jap, and comprehend maximum conversations in the event that they are not getting too imprecise or academic. maximum of my jap acquaintances could say i'm "fluent". I nevertheless does not experience tender saying that i'm, because of the fact the greater fluent I grow to be, the greater conscious i'm of the aptitude for extra coming up my jap potential. I wasn't confident whether to giggle or cry at most of the responses you purchased from people who say they have a buddy who's fluent (how do they recognize?) or that they became fluent in a remember of months. i presumed i became doing extraordinarily darn nicely after my first 2 years, yet when I pay attention now to a radio interview I did then, i will basically flinch. do not complication approximately once you will grow to be fluent. no you would be able to show you how to recognize that. in basic terms have a incredibly good kind of exciting alongside the way. study in techniques that are exciting adequate to maintain you inspired. now and returned for me that meant doing a language replace, at others working in direction of karaoke songs, or maybe going to a sparkling jap eating place each night. actual I made the main progression in terms of skills jointly as a million) working at a jap business enterprise interior the US, and a couple of) having babies in Japan. this is been a exciting journey, yet i does not advise the two of those as a real helpful approach. normally jap human beings will savour any attempt you're making to examine their language. and each piece which you study will open up your international a sprint greater. have exciting!!! playstation : i don't recognize why the previous responders mentioned this with such self belief, yet jap isn't tonal.

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    buy some easy and fun to read books, buy cd's with the lyrics and while listening to the songs, read the lyrics, you'll need a dictionary for that and look for all the words you don't understand. What TV is the language you are interested in. like TV novelas in spanish on latin chanels ect..........

    Source(s): that's what i did when i was leaving for college in santo domingo. and it helped!!!
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