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Is there an Island you can send a troubled teen to change them - Kind of like the movie Boot Camp?

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    Yes there is. But by all means they are nothing like a boot camp. They offer a unique solution to problematic teenage behavior. The program puts the teen in a safe, structured work environment which in turn can help initiate the teen to work and cooperate in a positive manner. The core of the program is teaching individuals how to construct homes at the local Habitat for Humanity and work in a community setting along with local residents and volunteers from around the world. Projectme is located in Cebu, which is in the central part of the Philippines. The life-style in this part of the world is simple and very safe. The teens will acquire a new appreciation and sense of gratitude while participating and observing how difficult life can be for people in other parts of the world. Amazing results can be achieved when combining the self-reliant work ethic of the program while interacting with those who are less fortunate in the host country.

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    there was, and it was shut down because it turned out to be a scam for a workshop.

    i personally dissagree with sending children away to help them. the teen years are the years where a person is not a child anymore but is not valued as an adult...they feel unappeciated and yet free to make their own choice.

    i have no idea what your child is doing....the serverity, why they do it, and such....because i would need to figure that out through therapy. but rebellion comes from the feeling unappeciated, lack of structure, not knowing what to do, wanting to fit in (feel apart of something), and other things. but different environments, rasing methods, internal conflict, and other things could be affecting their behavoir.

    but two major things happen with a boot camp place, they learn to suppress whatever is making them act this way (which is usually caused by some internal conflict that hasn't been ressolved)...and the suppression leads to psychological issues in adulthood. you might want to find a theraputic place to send them that will help them NOT change them...and also help you.

    i hate to say this and you will hate to hear this, but this isn't just their fault it is also usually a joint fault with the parents. i'm not saying that what the parents parenting is wrong/bad...but no one on the face of this earth can have psychological issues by themselves. and if you do want to help a troubled teen, you must realize that in order for change to happen you can't expect one thing to change and it fix the have to change the surroundings as well as the problem for it to fully be helped and changed. and people don't like to deal/face that but it is the truth.

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    There are hundreds of adolescent treatment centers. They're not on islands, and I don't care much for "boot camp" style treatment, but start searching online for one in your area. I know of more than 100 in OH, PA WV VA & KY.

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    That's borderline child abuse. The kid needs understanding and support, not to be sent away.

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    alcatraz, guantanamo bay?

    your a sick person if u wana do that though

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