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Anonymous asked in 家庭與人際關係單身與交往 · 1 decade ago

Heart broken.. how to move on?

It hasn't been easy since my ex and I broke up one year ago. I tried to forget him, but couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. Many nights I find myself crying, but other than that, nothing I could do...

When someone left a wound in your heart, it is difficult to forget.. He left me to be with one of his close female friends, and they are together now....

What hurts me the most is he didn't make apology to me, saying that he left me for the sake of that girl...

This one year of time, I haven't seen myself smiling because I keep all the wounds in my heart and told no one of my sorrow...

But today, I feel I need to talk to someone about my long broken heart...


Thanks to 阿密特 and Peggy, your reply.

Why not you click on "Answer", instead of "Suggestion"?

Thanks Peggy, no worries, I totally understood your points, and thanks for your encouragement... ^_^

Update 2:

I thank for all of you, your advice. I believe that friends and time would be the best helper. But, the problem is not about the next Mr. Right, but how to have trust and confidence in next person we meet?

Update 3:

My ex and I were friends before we got together, but after break-up, we couldn't remain friendship... That is not because I do not want to, but because of that girl..

Update 4:

My greatest barrier is how to overcome the feeling of "betrayal" when trust goes in vain, how to trust the next person?

Can someone please answer my question?

Is that easy to trust the next person?

Update 5:

To:, your writing shows good maturity. Indeed, it is pretty common that people have to go through break-up... I certainly understood and agreed, thanks for your encouraging words...

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    Is it worth the cost to let one bad experience, especially betrayal, ruins your life? Of course, not, your life is better than that. Here are the things I think you should do.

    1. Forget about that a$$hole. Erase his number, messages, email, everything that reminds you of him. Do not return his call and totally stay away from him even if he contacts you.

    2. Participate activities, especially outdoor and social activities. Book clubs, camping trip, birthday parties, sports game, or even go to the gym. It's simply getting your mind occupied on something else. By the way, outdoor activities are great way to meet nice people.

    3. If you meet the next man, be more patient. It takes time to know people. Get your girlfriends to know him. Get your parents to know him. Get to know his friends. Make sure he makes effort to gain your trust. If he does not meet your standard, don't feel bad to fire him. There are plenty of fish in the ocean.

    4. Know what kind of characters you are looking for. Know exactly what you want and what you expect. Know what you can compromise and what you cannot tolerate.

    That's all I have to say. We can only tell you the path and you have to walk through it. It's hard to walk out but everyone has to go through that; it's part of grown up process. So, ask your girlfriends or mother for their support. It will help. Good luck to you and best wishes to you always.

    the experienced one.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can totally understand that it is a bad experience; however, you should not cry for this guy. all of things you have to do are to make you more busy. it is helpful for you to forget that guy. Please stop missing he because he does not know how you feel; in addition, I would like to be a person who can listen your sad experience. listen carefully !!

    Love is not always in life; moreover, something has much vaules than love such as friendship. talking with your friends can be a perfect solution to forget this bad experience. hopefully you forget this bad experince as soon as possible you can.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry to hear this, I know how you feels..

    As you said, someone who left a wound in your heart is hard to forgot.

    May time brings your sorrow away, life must go on.

    Though I am just a stranger on the Internet, wish you the best!

    A man who really love you wouldn't make you sad..

    Go outside and meet more nice guys^^ It might help!

    (i apologize for my poor english :p)

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