Are home security systems foolproof?

I am thinking of getting a security system for a house I am moving into. Will it definitely keep burglars out, or can the best security system be disabled criminal is determined enough?

What are the best systems?

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    Nothing is foolproof, but the alarm companies are getting better. For example, to combat the problem of a criminal cutting your phone line so that the security alarm company doesn't know about a break-in, many alarm companies will now use your cell phone as a back-up from of communication.

    As for the effectiveness of a home security system, your house doesn't have to be totally impregnable in order to deter criminals. It just has to be harder to break into than any of the other houses on the street. A criminal isn't looking for a challenge, just an easy score.

    The good news here (for you) is that most people are extremely lax when it comes to home security and your less security-conscious neighbors will most likely provide would-be home invaders with better opportunities for an easy score than you will.

    Check out the show "It Takes a Thief" for more insight into how criminals think when they're casing neighborhoods. It's very eye opening and can give you some good insight into what you should do to protect your own home.

    As for systems, include Monitronics in your mix of companies you look at. They offer cell phone and VOIP (for Internet telephones, like Vonage) monitoring, and start at around 32 bucks a month.

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    yes, there are certain systems that are the average criminal at least. There is always the chance of some mastermind that can hack into things but that is rare. The most common mistakes installers can make on not making your system foolproof are:

    installing a phone cable from your telephone box outside to inside where the system is but leaving it exposed at the box where it can be cut easily if the criminal knows that cutting a phone line can stop alarm transmission.

    installing sensors that can be seen enable a certain type of informed criminal to trick the sensor. If the sensor is recessed into the door or window however, the person cannot locate it before it goes off.

    the worst mistake an installer can make is not planning it properly to begin with and missing out on important perimeter protection.

    so, in closing, YES, a system can be foolproof if you get the right person to install it

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    No security system is foolproof, but there are advantages:

    Criminals are lazy. Everything else being equal, they will choose a home without a security system.

    Your home is being monitored when you are away.

    You may be eligible for an insurance discount.

    but, you must do your part:

    Lock the doors and windows.

    Arm the system.

    Don't "hide" keys.

    Get to know the neighbors.

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    Home security systems are not fool proof. They are a deterent as are large dogs. There are different companies depending on your location and country. Call and get estimates from your local companies. Be sure to check out the companies with the BBB to see if there have been any complaints and you can talk to your insurance company to see who they might recommend.

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