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Is six kids too many? Also, do you like my childrens' names?

I have three children-two sons and a daughter. I'm expecting triplets, three boys. My mother thinks six is too many, but I don't think so. Who agrees with me, who agrees with my mother?

Also, do you like my childrens' names-

1. My first son-Nicholas Gregory Andrews

2. My second son-Christopher Alexander Andrews

3. My first daughter-Kianna Faith Andrews

4. The first triplet boy-Michael Derek Andrews

5. The second triplet boy-Daniel Mitchell Andrews

6. The third triplet boy-Dustin Joseph Andrews


Nicholas is seven, Christopher is six, Kianna is four, Michael, Daniel and Dustin are all still inside me, eight months preggo!

Just to let you know. And we can provide for them, we give them all tons of attention and Nicholas, Christopher and Kianna can't wait to be big brothers/sisters, and will surely be able to give love as well as us.

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    Firstly I think the numbers of kids you have are up to you and your husband. I doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because every family is different. Personally though I don't think six is a lot, I have 5 children all under 5 years old ( no multiples ), we can support all of them and I feel that we give each of them tons of individual attention. We probably won't be having any more because a) I don't want to drive a bigger van b) all the kids are still very young and we want to just enjoy them now instead of continuing to add more c) my body needs a break. If having six is good for you , then it's not to many !

    As for their names :

    Nicholas Gregory - 9/10 It's very masculine and will age great. I just never really was a fan of Gregory, It's great though if it has meaning to you.

    Christopher Alexander - 7/10 I love both names just not together. They both end in -ER which doesn't flow well together and I think Alexander sounds to similar to Andrews but not everyone know his middle name. Christopher Andrews sounds great though, very distinguished.

    Kianna Faith - 8/10 I love Kianna but spelled Chianna ( I can see why you chose this spelling though because it would be easier to pronounce ) Faith is kind of filler to me but it works well with Kianna. It's uncommon, easy to pronounce and I think it will age great.

    Michael Derek - 7/10 Michael is always a good classic name and Derek works well with it. I would say use Derek as a first name because the other triplets start with D's but I don't really like the flow of Derek Michael plus I don't like how it sounds with Nicholas and Christopher as brothers.

    Daniel Mitchell - 8/10 I think this fits great with your other boys' names. Daniel is a timeless classic. I would use Daniel Joseph though, Mitchell doesn't flow well because the endings are the same.

    Dustin Joseph - 6/10 I have never been a fan of Dustin, it seems like your trying to hard to be trendy. Personally I don't think it flows well together or with your boys' names.

    Since all of your boy names can be shortened ( Nick, Chris, Mike, and Dan ) I would expect a Benjamin. Other classics that has obvious nicknames : Lucas, Nathaniel, Jacob, Cameron, Joshua, William or Matthew.

    Some other D names for your triplets :







    Dean - Dean Andrews sounds very sophisticated


    My picks with D's and without :

    Daniel Joseph

    David Mitchell

    Dennis Michael

    Daniel Joseph

    Benjamin Michael

    Matthew William

    Source(s): mommy to lucy, sebastian, jude, oliver and charlotte i also come from a huge family, i have seven siblings :)
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    Six children is not too many if you can manage the work and the finances. However, one is too many for the unmarried person without an education, a job or her own place to live.

    My husband and I have 6 children and we love having a big family. We are both well educated and our children are/will be, too.

    Your mother probably didn't mean it that way. She is just concerned that her "baby" (you), will have too much work(and we both know that it really is a LOT of work), and major expenses with 6. I have done 5 loads of laundry every day but Sunday for years !!!!

    Say, "Mom, I know I will be busy and if you'll help me, I will greatly appreciate it. Ask her to take the older ones occasionally for a day of their own so they can each be special and alone with a grown up every now and then.

    By the way, concerning your triplet names...You have Michael, with an "M", and Daniel and Dustin, with "D"...for triplet boys, they should either all be "D"'s or each one a different letter. Dustin and Daniel match and Michael will feel left out. I think you should either change one of your "D"'s or find another "D"name. Just my opinion. Good luck

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    No I don't think that six is to many as long as you can provide shelter,food,clothes etc.. which I know u can. So who cares. Ye triplets is alot, thats gunna be hard, but I'm sure you can handle it. Good luck. I love nicholas(nick) and Christopher(chris) and Michael(mike) and Daniel(danny). I am not to fond of Kianna and Dustin, but they are very nice names. I love the middle names Derek and Mitchell. U did a great job of picking out names, I hope u do well, God Bless!!

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    1.Six is NOT too many! God gives and takes at HIS discretion, not ours.He wouldn't be giving you triplets if you weren't right for the job.

    2.I always "wanted" 6 children! I think you are blessed!

    3.You will raise them, not your mother!

    4.What can you do about being pregnant w/ triplets now? Nothing! Enjoy!

    5.I think all the names are great.

    I like the "new" baby names,too.Especially the michael derek/daniel mitchell switch around, catchy!

    6.Since you are 8 mos. w/ triplets I am assuming you will have them anytime now.Most twins,etc are early.

    7.Just sit back and let life roll on! Be Blessed!

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    6 is not to many as long as you can financially support him and have enough love =] CONGRATS X 3!!!!!!!! :D

    1st name. LOVE the name Nicholas. do you nickname him nick?

    2nd name.I LOVE it. lol so far im loving your names!

    3rd name. omg wow! BEAUTIFUL! love it 2!

    4th name. very cute :D i love the name michael

    5th name. Daniel is also really cute! not big on mitchell though.

    6th name. i like the middle name but i dont really like dustin...chose a letter other than M and D so they all have differant initials or they are all the same.

    when you bring the triplets home, i want a pic of all your kids with each older kids holding a younger one. lol sooo cute ;D

    house full of boys! congrats again! make sure you spend lots of girl time with Kianna (ah beutiful name. cant get over it. lol).

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    Nicholas Gregory is cute.

    Christopher Alexander is cute.

    Kianna Faith is cute. Shes the only girl, wow!

    Michael Derek is cute.

    Daniel Mitchell is ok, kinda sounds like an echo.

    Dustin Joseph is cute.

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    well first off its a little too late now to be talking about whether 6 kids is too many seeing as your gunna get 6 anyways...but as long as you have the money to not struggle alot then its fine.

    I would pick a different name than Dustin or Daniel...or change Michael to Derek...Derek Michael...3 d's or all 3 having diff letters beginning there names...2 d's and 1 diff for triplets is kinda wrong...

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    Goodness you may end up on tv in your home town... No I am kidding.

    I agree with most of the answers if you have the backing of family and money, I say have as many as you want.

    Your momma may just be looking at the whole picture, dont get upset with her. Everyone has the opinion, and as you have asked us she had to voice hers as well. Good luck with coming up with names for the triplets. I dont think it matters about the "D" names. Try saying all six names several times in a row to make sure it will be easy to do a roll call.

    Good luck, and god bless.

    Source(s): My mom and dad has 15 grandchildren, split between the 4 children. I have only 3 though.
  • I dont think 6 is too many! As long as you can love and support them! I feel bad you only have 1 daughter though! I plan on having atleast 5 kids, 8 at most!

    I love your kids names! Kianna doesnt fit too well but who cares!

    For the triplets(just thinking), are yo sure you want 2 of them to have D names and the other one not too! Just thinking ahead when the kids are older they may feel left out!

    I know triplet boys named Andrew, Matthew & Ryan. I know Ryan feels weird some times because his brothers names end in EW and hes left out! Just suggestiong! :) GOOD LUCK!

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    Tell your mother there's not much you can do now! Ready or not, you've got six kids, congrats! Are 6 children too many? For me, yes. I wouldn't have the sanity. But that is just me, my own life. In general, no, I don't think 6 is too many. I'm certainly never going to look down on a woman for having a large family. It's her life, and if a large family is what she wants, then by all means, she should have one!

    And yes, I love the names. Congrats and have fun with those triplets! ;)

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