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What would you classify this as?

Ok, so i previously have seen a psychiatrist about 3 months ago who diagnosed me with mild depression. We tried three different drugs, non of which worked. I am writing this because i don't know really what is wrong with me and don't have enough money, seeing as how i am going to school, for therapy. I feel that i have add because i forget things very rapidly and am very compulsive. Also, when my sister gave me one of her adderall it really seemed to help me focus. I also feel that i have ocd because i have to count how many times my blinker goes off in the car and make sure it is even, bump each had into the same thing in the same spot if i happen to bump something, ect. I also have insomnia very bad. Sometimes even melatonin (which i only use when i need it) won't put me to sleep. Is it possible to have both ocd and add along with depression and insomnia or i am just getting these as symptoms from something grander. Please give me any input, i appreciate it and i'm sorry that this was so long


I just wanted to clarify that i have tried several teas and things similar to that to try to get to sleep, but they dont' seem to work. Also i have tried distracting myself but if the blinker doesn't go off an even number of times or i lose count i have a panic attack and need to pull over.

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    As for the forgetting things easily....


    Everyone has some type a form of OCD whether its mild or extreme. When you find yourself doing this things like counting the blinker distract yourself by thinking about what you plan on doing when you get wherever you are going, turn the music up, dont think about it. Think about your friends, family and try thinking about something that makes you happy.

    things that will help you fall asleep there are literally 100's.... here's a site that I look at occasionally when I am having trouble sleeping.


    Here are some teas to buy that may aid in you falling asleep....

    There are so many different types of tea that can help you fall asleep, there are a few listed here.

    Chamomile tea

    Valerian root tea

    Catnip tea

    and Hops tea.

    Hope I've helped a little

    Source(s): I suffer from lack of sleep too
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    Of course it is possible. They are only labels for different things. Insomnia just means trouble sleeping. Why couldn't you have it too? But why do you need labels for everything? You sound like you are trying to make excuses and get drugged up.

    Mild depression should absolutely NOT be medicated. You are being ripped off, and you should not take other people's medication.

    Depression can cause insomnia, if that's what you mean.

    OCD just means you have some compulsions. Unless you are going around in a mess all day long it does not matter. You can live with it. OCD is a symptom of stress/anxiety. Stress/anxiety is an inevitable part of depression. Basically it just sounds like you are stressed and too aware of everything. You should stop looking for help, because there is none. You need to ignore you 'problems' and get on with life as best you can. If you have panic attacks then try medication, otherwise don't.

    They are all closely related (depression can cause bad memory or symptoms like those of the supposed condition, ADD) but most of them do not even matter enough to bother about, unless you want something to dwell on, or want the cool label of ADD and to take legal speed (which most people do).

    Just try to get your insomnia sorted out. Focus on that. If you can't sleep it is no surprise you can't remember stuff and feel down etc etc.

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