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MP_doc asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

PCSing with command sponsorship to Yongsan and have questions about HHG, dog, car...?

My husband has orders to Yongsan (report date January) and we have questions (command sponsorship approved)...

Everything everywhere says not to bring a ton of stuff (not that we even HAVE a ton of stuff). Does the Army pay for storage for anything over our approved weight? What about our full-ton dually truck and RV (we want to store them Stateside, of course)?

We have two dogs, both fixed females. One's about 10 lbs. and the other is about 60 lbs. Can we take them both (neither are banned breeds)?

Assuming we take our Honda Civic hybrid over, is insurance (USAA) a hassle?


Edit: Archangel, thank you! You're right, you did give the most complete answer and I appreciate it. We have the levy brief in about a week and a half, so I'm sure that we'll learn a lot more at that. I just like gathering as much info as possible so that I can make informed decisions. Hubby's an E-7, and I am a DA civilian, so I know that we'll have a POV authorized. We'd prefer to live off post (Yongsan/Camp Coiner), and will need more info about how to find that, too. Also cell phones? What should we expect to pay and what's a good company to research? Thanks again.

Update 2:

Edit: To Mr "Heart of Darkness:" I'm sorry you had such a crappy time in Korea, and don't treat me like a moron because I am lucky enough to finally have a chance to visit another country as a guest of the Army without having to stick my flight helmet on my head and an aid bag on my back. Korea is not a deployment any more...if it were, they wouldn't let family members go at all. If my four combat deployments (on one of which I fractured my hip and spine to save the life of a CAV soldier who was unlucky enough to have gotten his leg blown off) aren't worthy of a little bit of simple respect, then you can blow it out your hole.

To the others who answered helpfully and respectfully, thank you. I appreciate your help.

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    Hmm....let's on gave you any fully correct answers so let me try try. First of all, you can take your car to Korea. Command sponsorship authorizes one car per family to Korea. However, the problem with having a Honda hybrid will be in maintaining it. Unless you can find a good mechanic (there are a couple near Yongsan), you could have a problem if you have any major issues with your car. Additionally, if you get in an accident with it, your insurance (USAA and AIG both work for Korea) may total it out.

    About the dogs, you will have to put them in quarantine for about 30 days once there. Also, if they make you stay in Hannam Village, you cannot have them anyway. No dogs allowed there. Also, many Korean landlords do not allow pets either.

    As for storing what you don't ship, that is on you, but you do get reimbursed for it. TMO can answer all of your questions in more detail as things do change from time to time. It is true not to bring a ton of stuff (your whole house) as most places will be much smaller than you are used to.

    Source(s): Me. air force retired and command sponsored to Korea twice (total of 8 years). Took vehicles both times as E-5 and E-6
  • NWIP
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    1 decade ago

    Military will store things free that you do not need to take with you like washer, dryer, fridge, books, furniture, etc.... The truck and RV storage will be at your own cost, they will pay for the storage of 1 vehicle. For taking your Hybrid with you it can be difficult especially if it is a newer car you might not be allowed to take it at all, some overseas assignments will not allow it. You are better off buying a used vehicle over there for really cheap.

    Animals you will have to pay for their flights over there and if there is a quarantine the military will only refund up to $550 towards the cost for both animals, not per animal.

    ETA: Cell phones usually work in foreign countries as long as you get a local SIM card. You can look at different options for prepaid service to yearly contracts in countries. If you live off base then you will get OHA will be based only on the amount of rent you are paying, no more than that. If the US dollar falls you could end up paying more out of pocket. You will also get an allowance for utilities and it doesn't always pay for it all. Just be prepared for that. Make sure your electronics are dual voltage as well. Things like Microwaves, toasters, etc... you might be better off selling or putting into storage and buying them over there.

    A good point was brought up about the Hybrid because they are not really seen overseas in many locations. So finding a good mechanic and everything else necessary to run and look after it might be difficult.

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    I'm confused by all of your questions. Wouldn't it be easier to just have your husband do his one year and not worry about command sponsorship? That way you could stay Stateside and take care of the vehicles, dogs, etc.

    Unless his job is longer than a year, of course. But the last I heard, command sponsorship was automatically a three year tour.

    ADDED: Gee, sorry I didn't "answer the questions". I just get confused since my tour was an actual combat deployment to Area I and not at the Country Club at Yongsan. I had to focus on the possibility of being involved in one of the largest conventional conflicts the world had seen in 50 years.

    If I was getting sent to an area that was theoretically still in a still in a state of war and within a few minutes of flight time by a DPRK fighter jet, I'd be worried about practical things instead of if I can bring my widdle doggies with me on my deployment.

    And yes, they do eat dog there.

    Source(s): Ex-US Army Cav Scout NCO & Korea Vet
  • Mrsjvb
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    1 decade ago

    the Army will store anything.. to include POVs, and HHG at their expense.

    the dogs should be no problem as long as you get all the Vet paperwork done( all expenses will be out of pocket).

    with the car you need permission from the holder of the title if it is not paid off. sometimes that can be a major pain in the you know where. Might actually be easier in the long run to store that as well and just buy a beater over there.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    talk to your local TMO. He probably won't be able to drive anyway. The USAF reserves that for E-7+, and I think Army is even more strict.

    Animals are a real pain for overseas assignments. Yes, you can have them, but chances are they will spend a considerable amount of time in quarantine.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't understand why you would want to go to korea being so close to north korea and all the crap that goes on over there between north and south korea. all hell could hit the fan at anytime. your probably thinking, yea, sure. but it's true. if you do take your dogs over there, make sure they stay secured day and night, they eat dogs over there. north korean communists think like muslims, only good american is a dead american. you should think about forgetting the command sponsered tour, stay home and take care of the home front and let your husband go for a one year tour and get the heck out of there. but if you go, your in for an experience

  • 1 decade ago

    You cannot take any car with you to korea.

    The dogs will have to be quarantined upon arrival.

    They will pay to store one vehicle

    You really need to go talk to the transportation office.

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