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If I state in my will that my husband may fornicate with my dead body ...?

If I state in my will that my husband may fornicate with my dead body (assuming I die peacefully and in his presence) before it's taken care of according to procedure, could he without getting in trouble? or does some law against necrophilia override that permission? Can I permit that like I can donate my body to science? In fact, I'll do one better; I'll do both, if that be the case.

Thanks, and please answer with clarity and validity/provide sources. Answer with what I'm looking for.

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    Umm...would he want to???EWWW!!!

    Necrophilia is a felony in many states in the US and a misdemeanor in just depends what state you do it in. But seriously...NASTY!

    As of May 2006, there is no federal legislation specifically barring sex with a corpse.Multiple states have their own laws:

    * Alabama - Class C felony

    * Alaska - Class A misdemeanor

    * Arkansas - Class D felony

    * Arizona - Class 4 felony

    * California - Felony under up to eight years in prison

    * Colorado - Class 2 misdemeanor

    * Connecticut - Class A misdemeanor

    * Delaware - Class A misdemeanor

    * Florida - Second degree felony

    * Georgia - Felony, up to 10 years in prison

    * Hawaii - Misdemeanor

    * Iowa - Class D felony

    * Minnesota and Nevada also have laws prohibiting necrophilia

    * Nevada Class A felony with a maximum penalty of life in prison with the possibility of parole

    * Ohio - Second/fifth degree misdemeanor

    * Oregon - Felony for "Abuse of Corpse"

    * Pennsylvania - Second degree misdemeanor

    * Texas - Class A misdemeanor

    * Washington - Class C felony for "Sexually violating human remains"

    * Wisconsin - Class G felony

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    necrophilia is illegal so your will, would be allowing your husband to committ a crime. donating your body to science is ok. You could get plastasized(not sure of spelling) where they turn body into a plastic dole, your husband can have that.

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