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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsAstronomy & Space · 1 decade ago

Do you think that the extraterrestrials are among us?

Do you think that there are tiny robots from an extraterrestrial origin that are able to self reproduce and move around studying us without us being aware of their presence?

Theoretically speaking,

some extraterrestrial intelligence may be studying us without us being aware. They could be in the form of humans (look just like humans- androids), or they could look like flying robotic insects that fly around us and study us.


if that is being true,

what are some ways to find out if it's true or not?

Could it be true that an extraterrestrial intelligent life is studying us without us knowing that?


"Hellbent 3.0 system reboot",

extraterrestrial life forms do exist in the universe, simply because it's unacceptable that we are alone. The universe is enormous. Saying that extraterrestrials (aliens) don't exist it's like saying that there is only one type of fish in the ocean.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Quadrill, the belief in aliens indeed started more as fantasy then science-fiction.Most scientists in the early 20th century would have said "Buh ! Humbug" if they heared about aliens. But as we started to dig more and more behind the science of these "aliens" creatures, we discovered that there would be no reason for them not to exists, and that all the universe belonged to us.

    So, to answer your question.Highly unlikely, but not impossible. Von Neumann machines (Self-replicating) could open the windows to fast colonization of other moons and planets. It would be the most practical way to colonize every planet in the galaxy (based on our current understanding) , maybe even other galaxies, as they would multiply exponentially. They would be pre-programmed to relay information about every planet to a mainframe computer, that would tell us/them whether or not a planet/moon may be habitable or usefull in any way.

    They would be as small as possible, for increased mobility and speed.

    These self-replicating data collectors would need a lot of time to reach the other end of the galaxy and also a lot of time to relay that information back. The civilization that originally created them could have been destroyed in the process or they probably would have discovered new and better technology by then .

    Simsjk, nobody said that they themselves had the technology/reason to come here. That's what mass colonization is all about.And every civilization has to go through different stages of evolution. Most of us presume that aliens have to be millions of years more advanced than us (Type 3) for them to get here.

    Quote: "But.. the main thing you have to consider is that we all started off at the same time in the universe. This starting time was the big bang. Since then evolution and natural selection has been happening and we can therefore assume that despite all other speculation, mankind is probably one of the most advanced life forms in the universe at this present time.."

    There are so many factors that would make intelligent life more/less likely to evolve. Let's leave the food chain that originally started out, the nutrients and all that for something a little more obvious, that would spark less denial from the open public. Think of the major cataclysmic events that happened. Earth may have lost millions of years of evolution.If the dinosaurs wouldn't have been extinct, there is no telling that any life would have evolved into intelligent/sentient creatures.Also, there are solar systems much older than our own that could have supported a habitable planet for more than 5 billion years.

    There is also an equation, published by Frank Drake that would predict the number of intelligent life in our galaxy, and any other galaxy for that matter. The end result depends on the variables, and the variables are open to large debate as optimistic numbers would give the end result at a staggering - millions of civilization - and a pesimistic input would result in less than 1 civilization per galaxy. Even so, there a billions of galaxies, so a pesimist input would give the end result at billions of intelligent civilization in the known universe.

    If so, where are they ? We have not seen even one alien civilization. Does that mean that they do not exist? This is called the Fermi paradox and it has many different answers to it. Check it up in the link below.

    And no, I do not believe that Aliens have ever came here. I do not believe The Roswell incident was more than a military surveillance program. Check out Project Mogul.

  • simsjk
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Space boy.. Think about this.. If there were ET's with all the technology to get here and then build tiny robots to study us, the chances are they'd be so advanced that they would not need the tiny humanoid robots in the first place.

    Mainly they would have had to found of way of moving around faster than the speed of light which is not a very possible thing at the moment, though there are a lot of ideas how this may be done.

    But.. the main thing you have to consider is that we all started off at the same time in the universe. This starting time was the big bang. Since then evolution and natural selection has been happening and we can therefore assume that despite all other speculation, mankind is probably one of the most advanced life forms in the universe at this present time..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i,m going to give you my view , obviously from one believer to another, about the flying robotic insect things , i don't know if you saw the vid. a couple of guys took around some canyon someplace., they used their digital recorders and caught some strange objects about 9 in. long darting through the air about the size of pencils ,they were not bugs.

    i don't know how advanced these beings are but if my species were able to travel millions of miles to a planet that through some form of highly advanced planetary sensing device detecting forms of life on other planets ranging from microorganisms to humanoid .,i would sure like to study the humanoids, after all i,m willing to bet that other planetary species didn't become highly advanced in technology just to stay home.

    as far as being studied first of all these beings may be the master of space flight , however once they enter the earths atmosphere they encounter some problems that,s why i think there are so many sitings , and stories about women 3...4 months pregnant then poof the baby is gone ,like it never existed or abductee,s under hypnosis remembering sperm or eggs from the ovaries taken by these beings.

    my belief is that they would raise earthling children aboard a mother ship well out side of any man made tracking devices , i mean it,s not like the children would have ever seen any other humans before .

    then just train them to collect data and report findings you know whatever the beings may deem important to them .

    personally i doubt very much that a race of that intelligence would do earth any harm , why would they?..if they needed resources they would have a pick of probably 1/2 a trillion planets in the universe un inhabited to get supplies from.unfortunately i don't think there is a way to find out if anything i said is true , if we are being studied by superior life forms we probably will have to wait until they introduce themselves.

    but i do believe we are not alone .

  • Mary
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    No. Extraterrestrial life most certainly exists, but there is no evidence, or any other reason to think, that they have ever visited Earth. Lightning From The East - "The Bible gives us no reason to believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe." And the Lord of the Rings gives us no reason to believe that orcs ever migrated to the American continents. But that's not why we suspect orcs don't live here.

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  • You grossly underestimate human perception and intuition in thinking that we would not be aware of such spying on some level of understanding, besides aliens don't exist. There is no proof that they exist and i'm not the kind of person to believe on faith.

    Edit: I'm sorry i offended your beliefs but until i see first hand proof that Aliens exist i'll put aliens right next to Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your question is a typical example of how belief in ET is subject to the fashions of the time, and hence exposes itself as nothing more than fantasy.

    Back around 1900, folks who wanted to cause a sensation saw "men from Mars" in the sky. How did they appear? In the form of the advanced technology of the time: airships!

    Fast forward half a century, and ufo followers saw their fantasies being powered by the technology of the time: atomic energy!

    Since then, the (obviously fake) pictures, and desperate theories about ufos have continued to keep pace with contemporary fashions until we arrive at the present day. Nowadays people have learned about nonotechnology, and the sci-fi authors come up with nanobots and the media is worrying people about the dangers of nanotechnology. The ufo devotees see their chance to latch onto a new fad, discard the old mind-controlling ET of the new age era, and come up with alien nano-robots around us!

    The faddist nature of the ufo phenomenon has revealed and debunked itself. I rest my case.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe we are being watched, studied...but not by lil robots. I believe in other intelligent life, and I believe they are shaking their heads at us. Maybe they are among us, but no...I just think they have some ability (unknown and unthinkable for us) in which they can study us.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe there is other life out there.

    But 'tiny, self replicating robots' or 'flying robotic insects'

  • 1 decade ago

    no one can know for sure. those who believe and have seen aliens don't have any real proof. if they do it would be confiscated by the government and no one would know. so I'm guessing the government has the answers, if any!

  • 1 decade ago

    If there is other lifeforms that have stumbled upon us I would assume that they would observe us just like our scientists study other creatures

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