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Bound For Glory V Predictions?

Write out your Bound For Glory card and I will be happy to read it.Heres Mine:

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle vs Matt Morgan

TNA X Division Championship Match

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarret

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Booker T & Scott Steiner vs Team 3D vs British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc.

TNA Knockouts Battle Royal for TNA Knockouts Championship

Retirement Match

Sting vs AJ Styles

Eric Young vs Hernandez

Feast or Fired Match

Hardcore Match

Abyss vs Mick Foley

TNA Legends Championship Match

Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Nash

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    X-Division title match

    Daniels vs samoa Joe in an Ultimate X match

    TNA Knockouts battle royal for the Konckouts title (because it'll probably be vacated with this whole dispute between ODB and Cody Deanor)

    Eric Young or Homicide vs Hernandez (if Hernandez loses he has to join World Elite)

    Feast or Fired Match

    TNA legends title match

    Kevin Nash vs Matt Morgan

    TNA Tag team title match

    Beer Money vs 3D vs Booker & Steiner vs MCMG

    TNA World title match

    Sting vs AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashely vs Kurt Angle

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    Pretty good show but here is mine:

    TNA Tag Titles and IWGP World Tag Titles:

    Beer Money vs. Invasion vs. Steiner/Book vs. Team 3D (Monster's Ball)

    Ultimate X for X-Title:

    Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

    Hardcore Match: Abyss vs. Mick Foley

    TNA Legends Title: Lashley vs Kevin Nash

    If he loses Hernandez must join World Elite: Hernandez vs. Eric Young

    TNA Knockouts title: Kong vs. Velvet Sky vs. Tara vs. Hemme vs. Hamada vs. Rayne (Over the top rope, Battle Royal)

    TNA Knockout Tag Titles: Sarita and Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney and Roxxi (Tables match)

    Control of TNA: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarret tw/Matt Morgan as guest enforcer

    TNA WORLD TITLE: Sting vs. AJ Styles w/Hulk Hogan as Special Guest Referee and Ken Kennedy as Guest enforcer (Sting must retire if he loses)

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    These are awesome, i agree 100%

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