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Bigger Celtics icon: Larry Bird or Bill Russell?

Both of these are NBA icons in their own rights...but I was wondering who you thought was the biggest Celtics Icon out of the two?? Please give me a detail answer because this is a pretty serious question.


Not asking who's the better player...asking who's the better icon in Celtics hostory

Update 2:

Come on guys. An answer that is worth reading.

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    Probably Russell because of his 11 chips.

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  • MyKill
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    Bill SHOULD BE the bigger icon than Larry Bird but he was not as charismatic as Larry during his playing days plus the fact that your average NBA fans knows nothing prior of the '80's, make it appear that Bird is a bigger Celtic than Bill.

    Larry is a talented and important part of the Celtic franchise but he doesnt compare to Bill Russell.

    In terms of Celtic history, Bill Russell contributions cannot be understated. 11 of the 17 rings of the franchise is because of him. His name is basically synonimous with Celtic "Pride" and Celtic "Mystique".

    Russell is the greatest player in ANY sport to play for Boston.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hard to say but Im going to go with Bill Russell just because of his importance to the celtics Franchise, He holds most of the club records and put in 11 of our banners up there att the garden

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    Bill Russell because he was the first icon and he is more history and his era wasn't that easy with no fouls and an intense rivalry with Wilt the Stilt

    the greatest champion vs the best player Ever

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In CELTICS history its Russell .Around the league tho wit fans its prolly Bird cuz he's more recent.

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    Bill Russell would have to be because of his resume, even though he played during an easy time.

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    Bill Russell brought more titles to Boston, but Bird is more known by people! I'll say Bird!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!



  • 1 decade ago

    larry bird

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