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Is this short for a 16 year old guy? LOL?

Well, my mom's boyfriend's son is 16 and i met him the other day, he was standing next to me and i am a 13 year old girl and he is 16 years old. Anyways, he is my height, and i am only 5'1. Is that normal?

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    Leonardo DiCaprio is the poster child for shooting up late. It seemed he would be short forever. then one day he started growing, and now he's 5'11" or 6" depending on where you find the nos.

    so don't despair, there's plenty of time for him to grow. And if you're 13, you have plenty of time to look for a boy anyway, so who knows how tall a guy you'll end up with? there's more to a boy than his height.

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    There is no quote unquote normal height at that age. Since most males enter puberty later than women and also stop growing at a later age. He may be and seem short now. But he could very well in the next two-three years get quite a bit taller.

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    The average adult male is only 5'9, so he isn't too terribly short. I know a guy that is 16 that isn't even 5'0 yet! I am a foot taller than your friend at 16. I am really

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    thats a little short but still perfectly normal.

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