Whats a good book about the holocaust?

I have to write a report on the holocaust, i also have to read a book. What is a good book on the holocaust?

please help

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    I am an expert on the Holocaust. I can tell you everything about the Holocaust.

    Here are the mandatory movies:


    Schindler's List


    Here is your reading books:

    A History of the Holocaust by Yehuda Bauer

    Hilter's Willing Executioners by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

    Remember, do not forget to to include the laws passed against the Jewish people in the mid 1930s.; Juderaunt, kapos; jewish police; what life was like in the ghettos. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; mass shootings by Erinsatzgruppen; Wallenberg;

    If you need any questions answered; I will provide the any answer. Email me through Yahoo Answers. I will respond daily.

    Source(s): My WWII knowledge.
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    Try those: Rutka's Notebook Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl A Torn Thread Night The Hiding Place The Cage Man's Search for Meaning Angel on the Fence The Drowned and the Saved Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust I have not learn all of those myself, sorry. I simply have heard approximately them. If you could like to understand approximately lifestyles within of a awareness camp, then Night is most of the time your exceptional wager. Rutka's Notebook is complicated to learn considering the fact that the author, Rutka Laskier, was once a teenage lady who, although a profoundly talented author, had given up desire within the well of individuals. Then once more, there relatively is not a pleased ebook approximately the interval. Anne Frank is the nearest you'll be able to get to information lifestyles for the individuals external of the camps, whilst Rutka's Notebook is a truly diary stored through a lady residing in one of the crucial ghettos. There are a few films, too. Anne Frank: The Whole Story strains lifestyles within of the camps as good as lifestyles earlier than the battle and in the course of it. I desire that those aid and that your document at the generation is going good (good, you already know...it is sort of tough to make use of "good" or "well" whilst discussing the Holocaust, however with a bit of luck you'll be able to get a well grade).

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