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Which NFL players have worn number 86?

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    Hines Ward

    Todd Heap

    David Patten

    Tom Santi

    Brandon Manumaleuna

    Antonio Freeman

    Roydell Williams

    Ben Utecht

    David Thomas

    Isaiah Stanback

    Reggie Brown

    Brian Finneran

    Zach Miller

    Dennis Northcutt

    Donald Lee

    Tony Stewart

    Fred Davis

    Courtney Taylor

    James Casey

    Daniel Coats

    Derek Fine

    Martin Rucker

    Jerramy Stevens

    Dante Lavelli

    Buck Buchanan

    Dan Heartfield

  • 1 decade ago

    Butch Johnson Dallas receiver in the 80s

    Jason Peters a Tackle for the Eagles once used 86 as a TE

    Hines Ward a receiver for the Steelers uses the number 86 still. Cant think of anyone else though im sure that there are others.

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    Troy Aikman Steve Young Archie Manning

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    Todd Heap

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    a lot of players dan heartfield was one of them in 1997

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my man, greatest wide reciever in Steelers history, Hines Ward

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