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How do we know when victory in Afghanistan is achieved? What is the mission objective?


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    Obamas "New Strategy will not work because of a few simple facts

    Obama should definately let his commanders on the ground make decisions, but that isnt being politically correct! Troops on the ground should not have to hold fire for political reasons

    When the White House silences the generals in the field, it condemns our troops to the silence of the grave.

    Obama's plan for Afghanistan assumes stability

    This will be his Veitnam.

    Afghanistan cannot be achieved by forcing "our troops" to "fight with both hands tied behind their backs."

    Does anyone really believe that there's anything we can write or say that will persuade al Qaeda to make nice? No elegant phrase has ever stopped a bullet in midflight.

    McChrystal’s implementation of his recent tactical directive which essentially changed the Rules Of Engagement for Afghanistan, some old warriors claimed that the net result of such a change would probably be more, not fewer, civilian casualties.

    They are not allowed to proceed if there is a civilian in the area, yet the enemy is using civilians as human targets. The enemy knows the stradegy, keep a civilian within arms length and the soldiers cannot touch them

    McChrystal’s new tactical directive which prohibits firing upon buildings or other locations (especially with the use of air power) if it is possible that noncombatants could be harmed is at least prima facie in the strategic interests of the campaign. Yet this same directive has caused Marines in Helmand to refuse to engage certain buildings with direct fires, the end result being that Taliban fighters later escaped. These same Taliban fighters will likely cause various distress to the local population, and may be involved in the development or emplacement of roadside bombs which will blow the legs off of Marines

    Can you imagine if we had said during WW2 , no fighting the Nazis if civilians would possibly be harmed

    More insanity from Obama and his minions. We place a higher value on civilians (moreover, who is a civilian?) than we do on our own troops. We will never win the war with these policies.

    McChrystal severely restricted air and indirect fire support to our troops. As the marines have already stated.

    A jet called in by the U.S. Marines had the Taliban position in sight, but the pilot refused to fire, a decision that frustrated Marines but was in line with new orders by a U.S. commander to protect civilians

    If the military is to avoid the possibility of killing civiliansat all costs, I would suggest the military leave the Afghan nation. As long as Taliban know firing at them will be on hold they will alway use civilians as shields

    We’ve let the Taliban set the terms of the fight, throwing away our military advantages

    There are only three things to do when "meeting fire from all sides". Leave, die, or blow up "all sides". Of course, since Obama won't let the Marines actually fight since an Afghan 'citizen' might get injured or killed in the process, blowing up all sides and winning appear to be out of the equation. That being the case, I vote for leaving.

    The result? We’ve got a general who’s been gagged, a president trapped by his campaign promises, a muddled mission, crippling restrictions on our troops, a resurgent enemy, a worthless Afghan government — and an AWOL establishment media that, after hammering the Bush administration, gives Obama a pass on American casualties

    But American lives are cheap to American ideologues . So we’ve got a president terrified of taking a stand, a muzzled general, a muddled policy, and our magnificent troops employed as political pawns. In comparison, Vietnam was a model of clarity and purpose.

    Source(s): Army Veteran, Wife of soldier serving in Afghanistan
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    I don't think the governments of the Coalition countries know, let alone the people doing the fighting. The mission keeps changing.

    First it was to get Bin Laden, then it was a general attack on the Taliban, then it was to stop the opium trade, then it was to safeguard the recent elections... what reasons for being there are they going to think up next, while all the while people are dying - British, Americans, nationals of other Coalition countries and last but by no means least, Afghans, most of whom are non-combatants?

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    Good luck. No country can win that war without recognizing the cultural differences that are there. Afghanistan and Pakistan are made up of tribal and fiercely independent people; and to think we can impose a central government on a culture that has never had anything like it is foolish and a denial of democratic principles. You cannot make friends out of people you continue to treat as enemies. People cannot negotiate while they're looking down the barrel of a gun.

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    It's an annual objective. Every annual military budget passed by Congress should have a 5-10% increase from the prior year. Once the increase is passed, then you have victory.

    By now your military hogs 50% of your federal budget (people whine about deficits, it's beyond me when there's all this victory to celebrate).

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    ...this is such an easy fix (but the Political IDIOTS) won't let the Generals "take care of business"...

    Just have the SSBN on patrol (somewhere out there in the Pacific) "fire-up" a couple of Missiles, target them for Afghanistan... Mission Accomplished !

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    Countries in that region don't have very developed governments/systems. We are over there trying to eliminate the terrorist groups, and sort of put the country on its feet, otherwise more people die, and terrorist activity may grow if not dealt with.

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    It is time to start the Second American Civil War.

    War is coming to America. You are going to be at war with your Liberal or Conservative neighbor.

    You will have to kill people for your political beliefs.

    Watch your back, because you are being watched.

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    We should ask President Bush if the Mission is Accomplished

    Still can't get over that early call

    But it worked itself out....didn't?

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    History points out and rightly so, that victory in that country can not happen. If we won, what would we actually have gotten? I say back out, not all at once, but back out.

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    We are trying to exterminate the Jews

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