Can a Cumberland County Tennesse schools system employee legal follow you and your family in the name of zone?

My wife and I have held an address in Cumberland County for 16 years. We have lived at this address on and off for those years. We have a child who has lived with us for 14 of those years. This address is exactly 20 feet out of the school zone my daughter attends. The Cumberland County School System as strapped for cash as it supposedly is has dispatched a women to watch me and my family, and to see which address we spend more time at. She has sent me a letter outlining the dates and times of my comings and goings at this address. My wife and I have had some marital issue lately, and we both now have separate address. Both me and my wife's new places are in our daughters current school zone. The school system refuses these address because they have seen my estranged wife and daughter coming and going as well myself. But we do after all still have a business there. Here is what we have given to the school thus far as proof. Signed letters from our landlord that we have leases, voters reg. cards, TN drivers Lic., phone bills, bank statements. Also the out of zone address I have submitted copies of both the city and state business lic for that address. The school system says this no proof. Only the eyes of this lady is proof. CAN THIS HAPPEN? Is it possible that in 2009 in this country the Gestapo is still in effect? Is this Legal?

Here is a copy from the State of Tennessee website of a Definition of residency "There are just a few steps for establishing a legal residence in Tennessee. A driver license, voter registration, automobile registration, the appearance of a person’s name on a city or town street list, and rent, utility, mortgage or telephone bills normally provide tangible proof of residence. Tennessee is the only state that has no durational requirement. Meaning there is no time limit before you can be a resident. However, individual public or private agencies or institutions may have their own requirements for proof of residence."

Here is Proof of residency of my county "Additionally, the appearance of a person’s name on a city or town street list, and rent, utility, mortgage or telephone bills provide tangible proof of residence. "


The schools are in the same county 4 miles aparts.

Update 2:

This is a civil liberty issue it appears to me. I am being stalked with out a court order. By someone with little to no authority. I think if i took this to civil court I would almost be certin to win.

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    The rules for proof of residency for the state of Tennessee don't become an issue here since your state of residency is not in question. Public school boards have their own rules of residency, since schools in any given county are supported by tax dollars from residents in that county. Simply owning property in the county or conducting business in the county is not good enough. The child is supposed to attend school in whatever county they maintain full-time residency. In the event the child lives in more than one county, the county of residency will be determined based upon whichever county the child lives in for 51% of the year or greater. The school is allowed to take reasonable measures to verify, confirm, or investigate if they feel that the county of residency is an issue, or they suspect fraud. Keep in mind that it's VERY common for parent's to use a false address of a friend or relative to get their child into a school that is in another county.

    If the school determines that your child should be attending school in another county, you will have to appeal the decision to the school board and it will be incumbent upon you to prove that your child is actually PHYSICALLY present in the county in question for the majority of the school year.

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