Why doesn't God Heal Amputees?

Why doesn't God Heal Amputees? He heals cancers.. why don't he heal?

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    What makes you so sure that he doesn't? There are accounts of him doing just that. Do you believe them? Why not? You likely don't because you have an a priori bias against miracles.

    There are a number of reasons why God doesn't heal amputees, but that's not really what you're asking. You're asking why God doesn't heal in unambiguous situations (situations where the only possible explanation would be God healing people). And it's my firm belief that that assumption is flawed from the beginning. There are many examples I know of where God acted unambiguously, and so it doesn't even matter if he doesn't heal amputees.

    By the way, if any one healing of cancer is genuinely a miracle, then God exists. So your question doesn't disprove the existence of God, even if you desperately wanted it to.

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    The most likely reason is that this type of challenge is never a random occurrence...it is always designed to assist the person in learning essential life lessons. We don't know what part karma plays either, unless we are aware of everything. It is also a certainty that an amputee chose this path before entering into this life so he could experience a very specific reality. It could be karma from a previous life or it may be a necessary condition for a person to fulfill their role in this life time.

    The hand of the Creator does not just reach down and wave a magic wand (or whatever it is that christians seem to think occurs). There is a very delicate balance in the universe that must be maintained. Perhaps a healing as extraordinary as what you suggest may well upset that balance. There's much more to any situation than meets the eye.

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    Why does he have to? Where in scripture does it say he will? Why is this a requirement of God? Would people really want this to happen given how it will mess up their lives more?

    If you do not understand the last one then you have not thought through all the ramifications of a amputee healing, that person will be hounded and have no privacy or dignity left to them until the day they die.

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    1 decade ago

    That's the funny thing about God, he can only heal things that heal on there own or something the doctors can cure. Of course God always gets the credit.

    Edit: "what do you consider healing?

    I think robotic arms and legs and such are pretty close"

    Give me a break, is this the best you think an all powerful God can do. Besides in case you haven't notice that is doctors and science that give them that. I hardly think you would feel they are even remotely close if you had one instead of the real thing.

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    1 decade ago

    IF GOD WANTS you to be an amputee there is a specific reason for it. if he wants you to get cancer and die theres a specific reason if he wants you to get cancer and be healed theres a specific reason that we cant fully understand until we meet him and he will make sense of everything

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    those people r actually having the fruit of seed they had sown in the previous life.they did evil deeds in previous life which is why they get this result. this is why when accidents happen some don't even get a scratch while others die or their hands etc get damaged etc . as they themselves had hurt some innocent soul , so they get this . people talk about hell whereas the truth is except hell people get here also the result of their deeds. this is why religious people say never hurt any1 because this is what is going to come back to u too ,

    to erase our bad deeds we need to recite god's name by which god get's happy and by whose grace they r erased.

    in fact if the person u r talking about if was theist then this means god did had his merciful hand on his hand which is why they didn't die and their life was spared .

    it all depends on deeds and devotion to god .

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    1 decade ago

    Why do people think cancer is magic? When man first began they were lucky to make it to the age of 20. Now we can live to be 100, and beyond. Cancer is just a effect of cheating death. :)

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    who says he dosent .i tell u everything is possible for him who believes.its that forming a limb again is hard for us to believe ,and not hard for god to do.have faith. if it can move mountains[seems unnecessary] it can heal an amputeee too.u only need some outstanding faith. and faith comes from hearing the word of god.

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    1 decade ago

    Well we did figure out how to grow back fingers with pig bladder powder. It's all over the news and on all the science channels....yes I'm a nerd.

    Check this link


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    Probably because that leg or arm sinned b4 the chop, so now it can sin no more. Most people have a spare arm or leg, my old mate Nic had no arms or legs and he was a beautiful blessed man, he brings a tear to my eye each time I think of him and how he managed life.

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