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How Do You Find Out If You Have Aniexty,Depression,Bi-Polar Disorder?

im pretty sure i have aniexty and depression but i was told by someone they believe im bi-polar cause they have it im just wondering what kind of test they do to find out this stuff and how do i go about getting help for it do i tell my family doctor?

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    Right now "bipolar disorder" is the popular diagnosis among teens. Everyone thinks they have it.

    If you feel you have depression and anxiety, tell your family doctor. He/she will refer you to a psychiatrist, who can get your personal history and talk with you. He/she may also ask about family history, such as whether there is : suicide, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, thyroid problems, alcoholism, substance abuse, multiple divorces, reclusive or "eccentric" behaviors, phobias, delusions, psychosis, violence, criminal behavior, anger problems, etc. In addition, he/she may have you take a test called the Beck's Depression Inventory or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). You may not get a diagnosis at the first visit.

    BTW, there are 4 kinds of bipolar disorder, and they are complicated. I doubt your friend has enough education on the subject to "diagnose" you.

    If you are a teen, be aware that a certain amount of anxiety and the blues goes with the territory.

    Here's hoping you have normal teen angst and not actual mental illness!!

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    You can check for symptoms at the link , listed down below.

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    Hope to see you there !

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    Well, if youhave a family Doctor you have insurance. A doctor will assess you. Just call the hospital and ask for the mental health area. American Government loves to drug us. Why, I'm on Lexepro myself.

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    You have to see a doctor. Start with a family doctor and they may refer you to a shrink/psychiatrist.

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    This is a really great site =)

    It not only tells you whether or not you are but what kind of disorder symptoms you have.

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    Try Quizzes.

    Treatments: see and pages B, C, & I.

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