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Which fantasy football team is the best?

Standard PPR league:

Team 1: T. Romo, J. Lewis, B. Wells, C. Portis ,L. Tomlinson ,K. Smith, L. Johnson, R. White, C. Johnson, L. Evans, C. Ochocinco, T. Gonzalez, R. Bironas, Philly D.

Team 2: K. Warner, M. Schaub, D. Williams, R. Grant, Chris Johnson W. Welker, B. Berrian, M. Colston, T. Houshmandzadeh, K. Winslow

J. Shockey, M. Crosby, NE Def, Pit Def

Team 3: P. Rivers, M. Ryan, L. White, B. Westbrook, M. Forte, R. Rice, A. Gonzalez, A. Johnson ,V. Jackson, A. Boldin, O. Daniels D. Akers. New York Giants Def., Washington Def.

Team 4: J. Cutler, D. McNabb, D. Ward, B. Jacobs, D. McFadden, M. Jones-Drew, J. Stewart, A. Bryant, J. Cotchery, D. Bowe, R. Moss D. Clark, G. Hartley, Chicago Def

Team 5: B. Roethlisberger, D. Brees, M. Turner, D. Sproles, M. Barber, E. Royal, J. Gage, L. Fitzgerald, S. Holmes, D. Hester J. Witten, Z. Miller , S. Janikowski, Tennessee Def.

Team 6: T. Brady, M. Lynch, R. Brown, S. Jackson, S. Slaton, J. Addai, W. Parker, D. Driver, S. Moss, B. Marshall, S. Smith, A. Gates, S. Gostkowski, San Deigo Def.

Team 7: P. Manning, E. Manning, K. Moreno, J. Jones, R. Bush, R. Wayne, D. Jackson, T. Holt, R. Williams D. Lee, C. Cooley,

N. Kaeding, R. Longwell, Baltimore Def.

Team 8: A. Rodgers, F. Gore, C. Benson, D. Brown, A. Peterson, P. Thomas, T. Jones, B. Edwards, G. Jennings, T. Owens, H. Ward G. Olsen, J. Elam, Minnisota Def.

There were 14 rounds, 8 yea, how has the best team???

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    I'm gonna have to go with team 3 cause he has a solid qb in rivers

    2 if not 3 solid rb with forte westbrook(not injured) and ray rice

    2-3 great receivers a johnson,vincent and anquan

    along with a top 5 TE in daniels and only #2 defense in the nfl in the giants so good job # 3 they will see u in the superbowl along with either # 4,5 or 8 but # 3 will be there

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  • 3 years ago

    QB - Drew Brees RB - Adrian Peterson RB - Stephen Jackson WR - Larry Fitzgerald TE - Tony Gonzalez protection - manhattan Giants Bench participant - Andre Johnson Bench participant - Tom Brady

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    Team 1 has the best. I think Team 3 is the second best. Team 8 is the third best. Those are the top the 3.

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    team 2 because really have great offense Pittsburgh have best defense so number two

    Source(s): sam
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