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I am a 20 year old virgin and not religious. I am waiting for marriage to have sex because I want it to be spe?

I am a 20 year old virgin and not religious. I am waiting for marriage to have sex because I want it to be special. I am also a college athlete and good looking. I am attracted to pretty girls but I never develop good relationships because when they find this out about me they break off the relationship. I truly believe now I will not find a girl out there who respects me for this. Should I just throw away this kind of thinking? Are there any more pretty girls left in the world who think like me?

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    Don't give up on waiting for marriage - don't give up hope, there are girls out there who are also waiting marriage and they are wondering the same thing - whether there are guys out there also willing to wait for marriage, the only thing is that in this day and age, fewer girls and guys are saving themselves for marriage, but that doesn't mean such girls don't exist or such guys don't exist, it just may be that finding such individuals are not that easy. If a girl asked you the same question you're asking, what would you say?. that there are guys like you, also wanting to wait for marriage, right?

    Also, you are only 20, which is a very young age. You will meet someone who shares the same values. In my case, I'm 23, and also waiting for marriage, because I believe God honors and blesses marriages that fall within what He wants it to be, what He says it should be- what it was meant to be from the beginning. God does not hate the concept of sex, He created it, but He created it to be something beautiful between husband and wife, but people have taken what God meant to be beautiful and innocent and to be in done in love, and turned it into something lustful and degrading. We don't have to follow most of the world's thinking. I have chosen to wait because I know premarital sex is a sin before God, but also I want to wait anyways, because only then is it something beautiful, special and meaningful and that lasts. I hope you wait until marriage- think about it, what if you give up hope, lost your virginity to someone and then later regretted it (which happens to a lot of people anyway) because you met someone you like you was waiting for marriage. When you wait for marriage and share yourself with your spouse, it will be a gift you give your wife and vice versa. I hope you find someone who has also saved themselves and you will. I know it may be hard to find such a person, but isn't she worth waiting for?

    God Bless

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    Any person that would judge you for being a virgin is a person that you shouldn't be intimately involved with in my opinion. Being a virgin at the age of 20 is really no big deal ha I have many friends that are older and want to wait for the right guy.

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    I'm in the same boat as you, as I'm not religious. I'm also waiting till marriage. I've had hard times also keeping relationships because of this. I'm pretty and outgoing, but the guys I date just want to get in my pants. I know one day I'll find a guy who will respect my decision, just like you'll find a girl who respects your belief.

    I commend you on your good morals, for us virgins are a rarity in today's age. We are the jewels in this society. I don't know if you knew this, but college football player Tim Tebow is also a virgin waiting till marriage. If I were closer to your age, I wouldn't mind a guy like you.

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    You will find someone, though there is a high chance that they will respect you or have the same decision of waiting due to religious reasons. I would think that girls would respect that you're waiting for the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Don't compromise just because you haven't found someone yet.

    Source(s): Just turned 20, husband and I waited till we were married
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    Sure there are

    i'm a 20 yr old virgin also waiting for marriage and I have a boyfriend who respects this.

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    dam man my utmost respect to you first off, im a guy and i have the same thinking as u... i thought i was the only one and i had the same problem, but then i was given an amazing gift (u said ur not religious but i am) from god, He gave me this goddess of a woman she was a virgin like me and wasn't any pressure to me when it came to sex. You just gotta wait for the right girl man

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    Dude there are it might seem like its rare but there are really "good" girls out there still if you wait out for the right one you wont get a hoe trust me dude you came this far! dont give up now wait for her and make it special bro! im 18 still a virgin and its staying that way till i find her =)

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    If they don't want to date you because you won't have sex, they're superficial. And not worth your time in the first place.

    I'm waiting too, it's something to be proud of.

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