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If I have an older TV, and I am trying to connect my Macbook to it, should a mini to RCA cable work?

I want to be able to watch videos on my TV that are on my laptop. I was told to purchase a mini to RCA cable, but it won't connect. Is this the cable I need? If it is, any clue why it isn't working? Or, if it isnt the cable i need, what should I buy? Thanks!

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    If you TV is a Standard Definition TV (a tube/CRT), its doable, but what a pain. A lot of people complained about this a while back. Here's a forum discussion on it,

    Essentially the deal is you need to get the Apple Mini Display Port to VGA adaptor. Then you need to buy a VGA to composite (or s-video) converter box of some kind. Then you finally feed the video to your TV.

    Mini Display Port to VGA -

    VGA to Composite -

    That's only video though. To do the audio you still need another cable. Likely what you want is a stereo mini to RCA cable. You put the stereo mini end into your headphone jack and then the RCA cable (red/white) into the slots associated with the video cable you used.

    Stereo Mini to RCA -

    If you have an HDTV with HDMI, get the Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter and the Stereo Mini to RCA cable. If you have an HDTV with VGA (like a PC port), get the Mini Display Port to VGA adaptor (see above), a VGA cable, and the Stere Mini to RCA cable.

    Mini Display Port to HDMI -

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    Before I answer your question on what particular year did you purchase your TV. if not How old is your TV now?

    We have so many types of connectors and i believed for this era its thier is a very big possibility that you could found compatible connectors...please visit computer shops or might consider electricians or IT specialist if you know one.

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