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Dog has a lump on its chin (suddenly grew to the size of a ping pong ball in 8 hrs) ? spider bite?

It feels like a lipoma, but I couldn't think of anything else that would swell so mush in such a short amount of time. No pre-existing medical issues. Swelling is under it's chin - just in one rounded lump...(Looks and feels rather like a testicle on its neck)... Anyway, If you can offer any other possible theories or suggestions feel free to jump in. I told owner to give 25 mg of benadryl, as is customary for most spider bites. It wont hurt it, and it might help.

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    Spider/bug bite, or snake bite, or maybe a splinter or some object stuck into the dog's chin and it became infected. A trip to the vet ASAP is the best advice I can offer. That should be first course of action. Good luck!

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    Have your vet look at it. He'll be able to tell wether it is a cyst or a tumor. Most of the time it's free just to get it looked at. (though some vets charge $40 for walking in the door...) If it's just a cyst, you have the option of leaving it or removing it.. If it's a tumor, he'll likely want to do a biopsy. (just removes a small tid bit to see what it is) If it's cancerous, you'll deffinately want it removed and then some. If it's just a benign fatty tumor, they'll give you the option of removal or leaving it be. my vet says removing fatty tumors only "cheese (he used a different word starting with P) it off" And that they usually just come back..bigger than the first time so it's better to just leave it alone. Regaurdless of what it is, you should deffinately see a vet.

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    I can't help but wonder if it could be a carbuncle.

    A dog I used to have a long time ago had it.

    If it has pus coming out a few places it could be that.

    Either way my vote is to get the dog to the vet ASAP!

    Then maybe appropriate treatment will be utilised!

    My prayers are with your dog!

  • Anonymous
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    Obviously you also recommended a trip to vet ASAP to have the lump examined and possibly biopsied, right?

    My old dog had a similar situation and it turned out to be a rapidly forming cancerous cell. Like that it appeared over hours. In the exact same place and everything.

    Get it checked out - it's potentially too serious to leave too long.

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    No time for possible theories or explanations, this could be extremely serious!!!

    I don't want to scare you, but last year I found lumps all over my dog and with in a day, she had to be put down, it was too late for her. If yours gets any worse, it could start breathing difficulties, being near the throat.

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    If the allergy meds don't help, you could try poking a hole in the thing and see what comes out. That's going to be a big indicator of your cause right there.

    Does it hurt the dog? Is he/she itching at it? Does it have a color? Is it still expanding or has it reached a stationary point? Has the animal's behavior changed? Has the animal had any changes in his/her eyes or mouth? Dizzy, disoriented, etc?

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    One thing it is not, is a spider bite. If this is a bite at all, it would likely

    be from a tick.

    In any event this sounds like it is infected, and should be examined by a vet.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
  • Anonymous
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    The dog needs to go to a vet! For a swelling to appear that quickly and that large there can be a serious issue behind it.

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    I'd highly suspect an abscess. Get the dog in for an evaluation. Don't wait four or five days.

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    It could be a bite,but it could also be an infected lymph node,or even cancer. If the Benadryl does not help,the dog should see a vet.

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