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I REALLY need help! Book summaries.?

I need complete summaries on any of these:

The Last Letter Home by Vilhelm Moberg

Unholy Fire by Robert Mrazek

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

Property by Valerie Martin

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Action at Aquila by Hervey Allen

Freedom Land by Martin Marcus

The First Salute Barbara Tuchman

Angel in the Whirlwind by Benson Bobrick

A Leap in the Dark by John Ferling

The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Debates by Clinton Rossiter

A Brilliat Solution by Carol Berkin

Orgins of the Bill of Rights by Leonard W Levy

PLEASEEE HELP ME. I have 4 out of 6 reports done. All due Sept 8!


None of them are on there..

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