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Muslims only: Is it true that Buddha is also one of the 100,000+ minor prophets of God in the Quran?? :-/?

Hey there guys & gals (who are Muslims).

Is it true that Buddha is also one of the 100,000+ minor prophets of God in the Quran?? :-/

Please answer.


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    1. As far as his name is not mentioned in Quran nor Hadith, I can't be sure.

    2. But Quran says,

    10:47 And: "And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger

    16:36 And indeed, within every community have We raised up an apostle [entrusted with this message]: "Worship God, and shun the powers of evil!"

    35:24 for there never was any community but a warner has [lived and] passed away in its midst

    So, he could be a prophet.

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    The mid-twentieth century scholar, Hamid Abdul Qadir, in his Buddha the Great: His Life and Philosophy (Arabic: Budha al-Akbar Hayatoh wa Falsaftoh), postulates that the Prophet Dhu’l-Kifl, meaning “the one from Kifl,” mentioned twice in the Quran (21.85 and 38.48) as patient and good, refers to Shakyamuni Buddha. Although most scholars identify Dhu'l-Kifl with the Prophet Ezekiel, Qadir explains that “Kifl” is the Arabicized form of Kapila, short for Kapilavastu. He also proposes that the Qur’anic mention of the fig tree (95.1-5) refers to Buddha as well, since he attained to enlightenment at the foot of one. Some scholars accept this theory and, as support for this position, point out that the eleventh-century Muslim historian of India, al-Biruni, referred to Buddha as a Prophet. Others dismiss this last piece of evidence and explain that al-Biruni was merely describing that people in India regarded Buddha as a prophet.

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    A lot of religions talk about a "way". Buddha talked about 'dharma' ( the Way), we have Shariah which is the 'way', the early Christian movement was known as ‘the Way’ before the term ‘Christian’ was coined, the Jews have 'Halakha' which means Way and so on and so forth so these religions can be seen to be connected in this regard but Allah (swt) knows best His prophets and messengers

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    Well, I guess no one knows. He could be, he could not. However, since we don't know for sure, don't assume he is. According to current ACTUAL, TRADITIONAL buddhism, God wasn't in the mixture, only the idea of nirvana. Later, people started worshipping Buddha and added hell and heaven and stuff like that.

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    NO Buddha was not a Prophet...

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    There is no proof to say that

    Daleel MAN! Daleel!

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    Oh, i apologize... I'm an atheist.

    have a nice day :)

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    Yeah, bologna!

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    The answer is no.

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