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Match1: Suicide Solution vs Wave Of The Future (Jesh Oppurtunist and Beast King)

Match 2: Jordan 23 vs Mr. E

Rob Van Dam at home recovering (read promo)

Match 3: Handicapped Match E&C Connection vs Darth Hendrix and Andrew The Answer King

Punk Is Champ in ring (read promo)

Match 4: Elite Phenom vs Undertaker Y2J

Match 5: Psycho Dude 99 vs rkolegacy

Matxh 6: Masked Nightmare vs Christian #1 Peep

Main Event Number 1 Contender Match For The World Title Deadman 4 Life vs Graduation Bear


It’s obvious this has not been an amazing week for me. First I loose the tag titles and then, actually nothing else bad happened. Everything else was good. Better than good. Down right great! And not just for me but for my partner G Bear. Look at our outstanding week. Last week I won several awards including superstar of the year. I have the best finisher, promos, rivalry, and tag team. While G Bear won an a few awards himself too. And now tonight he has the opportunity to bring home the big gold for our team. Man could this night get any bigger or better? Actually it will. Because tonight when I go up with rko I will dismember your new fan favorite U.S. Champ. And I will prove why I don’t need a title to prove I am the best damn athlete you have witnessed before your very eyes. Rko, When you face me, when I face you. When you loose to me, and I beat you (catchphrase) You will truly know why I am deserving of nothing but praise. And the only deserving thing you have is an @ss whooping that I will be ever so glad to give you. Prepare to go through your worst nightmare. Believe the Psycho Dude

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    My Wrestlemania Match Card

    Match 1:

    Smackdown has brought back the WWE Cruiserweight Championship,and since Rey Mysterio Eliminated Gregory Helms from the Royal Rumble a few months ago they have been fighting,and an announcement at No Way Out was made that it would be Gregory Helms vs Rey Mysterio for the Newly brought back Cruiserweight Championship

    Rey Mysterio vs Gregory Helms

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    Match 2:

    Kane vs MVP

    WWE United States Championship Match

    Kane and M.V.P have been fighting since No Way Out,when M.V.P eliminated Kane in the Elimination Chamber for the #1 Contender to face Cm Punk for the WHC at Wrestlemania.Kane has assaulted MVP,eventually leaving Teddy Long no choice but to give Kane what he wanted-A Fight for the WWE United States Championship.

    Match 3:

    Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes

    This rivalry starts when Randy Orton declares that he is challenging Ted Dibiase SR on one Monday Night Raw Episode,Ted Dibiase Jr refuses to let his father compete in the match,leading to Randy making Cody attack Ted Jr. Ted later leaves Legacy,and begins on the hunt for the WWE Intercontinental Championship,but Cody interfers with almost all of his matches.So Ted Dibiase Jr challenges Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 26.

    Match 4:

    Money In The Bank Elimination TLC Match(new stipulation brought by the competitors in the match)

    Edge vs Christian vs Jeff Hardy(return) vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne vs John Morrison

    These competitors competed in matches for them to be sanctioned in the MITB match,all of them extremely athletic,capible of high-flying.Jeff Hardy makes his WWE return in a battle royal for the last position in the match,and challenges to make the match a little more extreme,saying "Why not make it a TLC match",but while Teddy Long is also under probation following an injured superstar(later to be said on the main event match) he needed to make it a little better,declaring not only will it be a TLC match,but also an elimination match,where the last two superstas have to climb the ladder and retreive the breifcase.

    Match 5:

    First Time Ever Womens Unisputed Championship Triple Threat Match

    Gail Kim(divas c) vs Mickie James(womens c) vs Trish Stratus(return to wwe)

    Originally supposed to be for the Womens and Divas Championship only a 1 on 1 match,two weeks before wrestlemania Trish Stratus makes her return to WWE,challenging both champions to a triple threat match,for both of there titles.

    Match 6:

    Undisputed Tag Team Championships

    Kofi Kingston and Rob Van Dam(return to wwe) vs Chris Jericho and The Bigshow(c)

    A contriversiol match none the less,having a fantastic superstar make his WWE return even sweeter,not only at Wrestlemania,but also for The Undisputed Tag Team Championships!

    Main Event #1:

    ECW Championship

    Extreme Rules Match

    Tommy Dreamer (c) vs William Regal

    For 4 months these two have battled for the ECW championship,finally anding at Wrestlemania 26,in an Extreme Rules Match for there shows top prize.

    Main Event #2:

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Batista(wwe return) vs Cm Punk(c)

    At No Way Out,the original #1 contender,Triple H,was injured after a vicious attack from Cm Punk,viciously breaking Triple H's leg.After the attack Batista makes his return by spearing Cm Punk,and Teddy Long makes the match Batista vs Cm Punk.

    Main Event #3:

    Last Man Standing Match

    John Cena vs Undertaker

    This is the match that puts Undertakers Wrestlemania streak on the line!John Cena made the challenge,Taker accepts.No real story line,just the old challenge and hope it works stage.

    Main Event #4:

    WWE Championship

    Shawn Michales vs Randy Orton

    The stipulations are this:

    If ANYONE makes any kind of interference,the title would be vacated.Shawn Michales wins the 2010 Royal Rumble,leading to a great match at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship.

    Special Guest Singer:

    Corey Taylor

    Wrestlemania Theme Song:

    This is Absolution by Killswitch Engage

    Now for the YWWA show:

    Wave of the future

    Jordan 23

    Darth Hendrix and Andrew The Answer King

    Undertaker Y2J

    Psycho dude 99

    Masked Nightmare

    Graduation Bear

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    Match 1: Wave of the Future

    Match 2: Mr. E

    Match 3: Darth Hendrix and Andrew the Answer King

    Match 4: Undertaker Y2J

    Match 5: Psycho Dude 99

    Matxh 6: Masked Nightmare

    Main Event: Deadman 4 Life

    PROMO: Jesh, If I Didnt Add You To The Wave Of The Future, You Would Not Even Be Here Today. So Do Not Go Around Saying That You Are The Best, Because I Will Always Be Better. Jesh, One More Pitiful Comment And Your Out Of The Wave.

  • Wave Of The Future

    Jordan 23

    E&C Connection

    Undertaker Y2J


    Masked Nightmare

    Deadman 4 Life


    On this very night of YWWA The New Tag Champs will not be competing, you see after our amazing victory at Call To Greatness we decided to take the day off and just Relax today...I mean really there isn't much competition here anymore since we have wiped out practically everyone, but The World Is Ours will be waiting until someone steps up and gives us a real challenge, but nobody and i mean nobody will ever DeThrone us....but if any good Tag Team ever really steps up we will give them the oppurtunity you can guarentee it we dont back down from challenges but we will not take any from worthless teams. To take a shot at these Titles you must have great potential and thats what most teams here lack in YWWA but untill then The World Is Ours will be waiting to Destroy and keep on Conquering...Cause When You **** with us You **** with the BEST

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    1 decade ago

    Wave Of The Future

    Jordan 23

    E&C Connection

    Undertaker Y2J


    Masked Nightmare

    Deadman 4 Life

    Promo: Tonight The Wave will win once agian and hopefully this will start our path back to tag gold. I still am a little pissed off at you Jesh but I do accept your apology.

    Source(s): Beast King
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    Match1: Suicide Solution

    Match 2: Jordan 23

    Match 3: Handicapped Match E&C Connection

    Match 4: Elite Phenom vs Undertaker Y2J

    Match 5: Psycho Dude 99

    Matxh 6: Masked Nightmare

    My WM 26 Predictions

    Phenom's Streak: The Undertaker def Chris Jericho via tombstone after blocking the Code Breaker

    WHC: John Morrison def Edge (2010 Royal Rumble Winner) via starship pain after missed spear. After the match, the couple of John Morrison and Melina celebrates holding both the WHC and Women's belt.

    Playboy Pillow Fight: Gail Kim def Beth Phoenix with guest referee: Megan Fox

    WWE: Randy Orton def John Cena via Super RKO after Cena attempted a leg drop

    Women's: Melina def McCool via California Dream countering Faithbreaker

    MITB: Jack Swagger def CM Punk, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, MVP

    ECW Hardcore match: Christian def William Regal via Killswitch to the burning table

    Unified Tag Team Championship

    DX def Hart Dynasty via Sweet Chin Music to Tyson Kidd

    30 man battle royal winner: Mark Henry tossing The Big Show

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    Match 1: Wave of the Future

    Match 2: Mr. E

    Match 3: Darth Hendrix and Andrew the Answer King

    Match 4: Elite Phenom

    Match 5: Psycho Dude 99

    Matxh 6: Masked Nightmare

    Main Event: Deadman 4 Life

    I'm trying a new gimmick: Demented creature.

    Promo (sitting in the corner of a dark room): Hehe...I lost my tag team titles...I lost my television appearance time...I may have even lost my insanity. Hehe. Will I be doomed to stay here, in my corner for the rest of my life? I hope so! Have you met my buddy? Mr. Popo. *Holds up a Baseball Bat*. He is my best friend! The stories he tells me are hilarious! Hehe. But, Mr. Popo is now my new manager! And he tells me that I should go out there and start the destroy the competition! Hehe. I am going to come back! Hehe. And start to end the careers of those who betrayed me and left me to rot. Hehe. (Mad Man Tranformation [yelling in rage and going crazy]. --TWIO! You want to go take the titles that I have made famous? I will end your sorry careers! And maybe if I feel like it, I will just go around and take out half the roster! *starts breaking everything and then leaves the room*

    Baseball bat starts rolling across the floor and leaves as well.

    *While he is rolling out, a deep voice yells Anti-Bears, we are coming for you too*

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    WQ: Here is My card....

    Dark Match.(#1 Contenders Match for ECW Championship)

    Goldust Vs. Christian Vs. Tommy Dreamer Vs. Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Shelton Benjamin.

    Money In The Bank.

    Dolph Ziggler Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Matt Hardy Vs. The Miz(US Champion) Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. Ezekil Jackson Vs. R-Truth Vs. Kane(IC Champion)

    Diva's/Women's Unification Championship Match

    Melina(Women's Champ) Vs. Gail Kim( Diva's Champ)

    Rey Mysterio Vs. John Morrison

    ECW Championship

    William Regal(c) Vs. Shelton Benjamin.

    WWE Championship.(No DQ)

    John Cena(c) Vs Randy Orton Vs. MVP

    Edge Vs. Chris Jericho.

    World Heavyweight Championship

    The Undertaker Vs. CM Punk.

    60 Minute Iron Man Match( Loser Leaves WWE)

    Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels.


    Suicide Solution.

    Mr. E



    Psycho Dude

    Masked Nightmare.

    Graduation Bear.

    Nice Matchups:)

    Promo:So I have to Face Yet Another Member of The Wave of The Future? But This Time, It's Elite Phenom, You See, This Guy Was Supposed To Be My Tag Partner But Now I had a Change of Heart, And I Decided To go with Justin instead, Now I stand in the same ring as this kid. I'm sick of losing to Wave of The Future, And It ends Here, Tonight, I don't Care About How Much pain I inflict But I Guarantee You, It Won't Be Pretty. Elite Phenom, We're not Playing Ball Games, We're Playing Wrestling, And wrestling is where I will Show you Why I'm a Pro, Why I've Been Champion in so Many E-feds. Tonight Elite Phenom, It is the beginning of the end for Wave Of The Future.

    Wave Of The Future Won't Be Around Much longer You see, Are Close Friends: Y2J TWIY And Alex TWIY Both Already Have Fallen To you But ANTI bears Won't let It Happen. We'll Show you that We know YWWA And We Know We Can Beat You, We're Sick of You Thinking you own The Place, It's Time to put a Stop To The Wave Of The Future, Mark My Words: The Rise And Fall of Wave Of The Future Will Come. Unfortunantly, The Rise Is Over. The Fall is.....Now.

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    1 decade ago

    dont give ricky BA he copied and pasted that from someone else


    So the possible victims have been announces. Tonight I have a very easy, smart thinking since nobody wants the best wrestler in the business to get an injury right? Christian I have watched your promos they are nothing but immature childish games. You are nothing, have never been anything and will never amount to anything. In fact I wont even waste any more of my breath on you. So the next victim of the masked mans wrath will be decided tonight. D4L I have had history with you, you held me back and yes you did defeat me once but that was before...before I snapped. Graduation Bear first off what a ridiculous name! second there is NO way you will even advance in this match let alone if you somehow manage to beat him, do yourself a favor and dont bother showing up tonight.

    no real disrespect to anyone all kayfabe

  • 5 years ago

    Psycho Dude 99 and Root of the Nightmare Jordan 23 with E&C Connection Rock N Wrestling Connection (Lionheart on commentating) Match 4: Losers Title Finals Qualifying Match (loser advances): Christian #1 Peepn Main Event: Phenomenal HBK and Graduation Bear

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    Great Show. 5/5

    Match 1:The Wave

    Match 2: Jordan 23

    Match 3: E&C Connection

    Match 4: Elite Phenom

    Match 5: rko Legacy

    Match 6: Masked Nightmare

    Match 7: GB

    Promo Time:

    *Sigh* Amie, im getting really tired of you just hiding away from me. Its official, Amie is a complete failure as YWWA's Woman's Champion, and only likes to talk trash that she knows she can't back up. Im sorry Amie, the truth hurts doesn't it?

    You know it was fun seing you as "The 8itch" of YWWA, but now its time for you to take a little taste of your own Medicine. You see, here i am, waiting very patiently Amie, and what do i see? Oh. I see that a pathetic, skank has become our Woman's Champion in a very Contrevorsial manner. I rememeber you talking about how you "destroyed" your little "idol", but guess what? Do i look like that F*@king "idol" of yours? No. Im at a completely different level. There is no comparison between Me and her, and you know, i have some pretty harsh words for you. Listen Up.

    You are a disgrace to human society. You fail at every aspect in life. You are not worthy of living on this planet, and i hope you die. No $h!t, i say it again. I hope you drown in a pool and just watch as everyone is watching you gasp for air, and laugh at your pathetic attempting in staying alive.

    Aww, im sorry, was that a little too harsh? Well thats what you get for stealing my spotlight, and hey get ready because things are about to get uglier than your face! Bahahahaha !!

    -----AMIE I LOVE YOU----- :D

    Source(s): Buttox Injection
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    1 decade ago

    the wave

    jordan 23

    e and c connection

    elite phenom



    promo: so i am in a little match againt the guy i made lose in the last ppv. Hell that is alright with me. He is soon gonna get used to the taste of my foot. Because tonight i am gonna elite kick him again. Last night i made a last minute decision to stick with the wave. And in making that decision i discovered that I am one hell of a great thinker. Me going against the wave would have been one of the dumbest things i have ever done in my entire life other than hooking up with Jesh's girl last night. But anyway back to my match i will go in there and win that match. After my tag career in the wave is over it will be all about my singles action. And when i win i will prove why i am great, why i am a legend, and why i am the ELITE PHENOM

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