WHICH WOULD BE BETTER? (please read)?

My question is would it be cooler if the eight would have special powers such as controlling computers to psychic abilities each of the eight given a specific ability of course. or should i just leave them as geniuses.

Okay so here is the title and summary

Title = Get Out Alive

Plot = Eight people with the highest IQ's in the world were kidnapped by a person only known as Rhy. Who claims to be able to see and hear everything, but also be able to kill

whom he wishes ( but really just having help from and Amanojaku which is a small evil spirit who provokes a person's darkest desires, who is willing to do Rhy's bidding because

Rhy traded his soul for the spirit's services.) but after proving this fact by showing the eight his ( so-called ) abilities. They must figure out how he does this, but also having to play

Rhy's "game" containing riddles, puzzles, and paradoxes to try to escape. In the background with the FBI and the CIA trying to track the location of Rhy, but even so is Rhy their

"main" enemy?

i will add good twists to the story

i will make every character unique in their personalities and appearance

it's not really gonna be much of a horror as much as a mystery, supernatural, psychological thriller

i'm not going to tell you why rhy wants to do this

(major spoiler) that's why

if you have read this story before it is because i am asking this at various times at different catagories to see the overall idea on what people think

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    I kind of like it. The idea is like Saw meets Poltergeist.

    You should make them a combination of geniuses AND specially gifted people. Or prodigies in a certain subject. One guy's really good at math, another is a computer whiz, one girl is a musical savant, another can see the past if she touches an object, etc.

    The one bit of advice I have to give is this: Only focus on one or two characters that will be your main characters. Pick a few to be your center of attention, the ones that people are going to connect with and will root to win. If you have too many characters that you're sharing points of view with, they take away from a story and are distracting to the reader.

    Other than that, good luck! Sounds like a good idea to me. =D

  • 1 decade ago

    It should be not exactly powers, they are just so smart they accessed the part of the brain that can do things such as telekinesis or computer controlling

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