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Exchange student programs in England?

I am a young girl, 14 looking to be an exchange student in England. I need good schools that offer these programs and print out able aplications. I will accept either all girl schools or co-ed. Please hurry I need the information soon. The best answer will recieve 10 points and I will vote for any other answers I am given!

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    Being an exchange student can be an amazing experience! I am a 5-time host mom and new volunteer with YFU - Youth For Understanding - one of many high school exchange agencies. You didn't mention if you have chosen a specific agency yet. If you have chosen an agency, the admissions counselor and/or website for your agency should be able to help you. If you haven't, my biggest piece of advice is to go with an agency that is listed with the Council for Standards on International Exchange Travel ( They regularly audit agencies to help insure quality. Sorry for my bias, but all I can really talk about is YFU, although other agencies are good too. When I've asked exchange students (both ones that came to the USA and those from the USA) why they chose YFU, they basically told me that YFU gave them more bang for their buck. The YFU website has a wealth of information ( With YFU, in a typical year, a total of 500 students go on exchange (summer, semester, and academic year) and 300 have partial or full scholarships. The scholarship application dates for next year haven't been posted yet, but are between October and January. With YFU, you can apply for a scholarship before paying the full program application fee. The application process involves filling out paperwork, getting recommendations from your school, and participating in an interview. Most of this can be done online and over the phone. You can also print out the paperwork and mail/fax it in. The process is pretty easy. With YFU (and I believe most other programs), you will need to be 15 at the time of the exchange. The program to England is one of the most expensive - It's quite possible (I don't know for certain) that the host families are paid. The admissions counselors will answer all of your questions. I would think that they could answer questions about schools.

    I hope this help

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