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What Quarterback Should I Start Week 1 In My Fantasy Football Leauge?

I Have Ben Roethlisberger Who Is Going To Play The Titans

Brett Favre Who Is Going To Play The Browns

Or Trent Edwards Who Is Going Against The Patriots

Right Now I'm Leaning Toward Big Ben, Cause He's A Strong Quarterback, But Favre's Got The Easiest Defense, I've Ruled Out Trent, Because Other Than Being An Accurate Passer And Throwing To T.O., He Doesn't Really Have Anything Going For Him, Especially The Team He Has To Play

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    go with trent edwards because they r without lynch and relying on fred to do the running so they wont run alot and they have the best 1 2 3 punch in the nfl with 1 T O , 2 Lee evans and 3 james hardy a 6'6 receiver with hands of gold so trust me go with trent plus unlike lat year buffalos o line is now stacked nd will be better.guarentee 300 passing yards and 2 td's while ben has never thrown more than 250 yards and farve throw u 2 ints a game. good luck with ur game.

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    Edwards has good receivers, but is playing a tough team and isn't that great of a QB.

    Big Ben is playing a tough defense as well, and isn't a great fantasy QB because Pittsburgh is a running team.

    As bad as people say his season was last year, Favre was still a top 12 fantasy QB.

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    Roethlisberger- Farve has been questionable in the pre-season not to mention his new team doesn't support him!

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    *Fighting myself from typing this...* Favre.

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