What is the nice way to tell someone I am carpooling with that I am allergic to (her) fragrance?

I may even enjoy the smell, but I get shaky inside (like too much caffeine) and once at a play, my throat started to close up due to a woman's perfume. I want to keep the explanation kind and simple and I'm afraid I will hurt her feelings. Also, can I ask everyone out there not to wear fragrance to church? There is just no reason for it.

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    I wish I had a good answer for you. When I call folks for interviews, I often recommend that they wear no perfume or cologne to interviews, because it almost immediately prejudices the panel (and never in a good way). But in your case it is much harder, as you are asking for change after the fact.

    I agree, perfumes in MANY settings is inappropriate. For me it is restaurants -- how am I to enjoy my food if all I can taste is the perfume of the lady 3 tables down. Or hiking...I remember once on a long hike, when we stopped to rest, and we could tell someone was coming up long before they arrived. That time it was the guy's cologne.

    The best I can think of would be to catch her at the end of the day, or call her over the weekend, and just try to present the issue in a positive manner. Something like: "I like your perfume, but first thing in the morning in the car it is...overwhelming...could you do without, use less, dilute it, or put it on after getting to work?" I wish I could think of something better.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope someone presents a better idea.

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  • Penny
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    4 years ago

    I too am sensitive to an awful lot of fragrances. I had to do a trial and error thing with myself until I came up with a perfume that doesn't bother my skin. Heaven Scent by Dana (not easy to find) has been the best for me, even though I cannot use the body lotion.

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