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Do you trust the FDA?

Explain if you will.


I have nothing against the FDA. I just simply wanted to know if people had different views about it.

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  • Lily L
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    I do trust the FDA in that I think they are true to their own standards. I don't think they are getting paid off by pharmacutical companies or anything.

    However, the FDA only takes things so far. Their process for approving drugs defnitely needs work, and the process for approving medical devices is seriously awful! You can get any crappy medical device on the market by showing it was similar to one used previously and no matter how bad the previous device was!

    They are pretty upfront and honest about the process they use to approve stuff. I think they are doing a good job of doing the things they say they will. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people think the FDA does a lot more than it really does.

    Also, they need to make it easier for people to get access to experimental treatment.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The FDA is a regulating agency, there is nothing to "trust" or "distrust" them about! They simply report the data from the studies they conduct (and have hundreds of thousands of independent labs conduct on their behalf), and pass judgement based on statistical analysis whether a compound is "safe enough" for commercial use. If the judgement is "yes" then private companies can sell that product on the free market to customers to whom ALL the study data is freely available!

    Your question is a little like asking "do you trust roads?", ultimately it makes no sense!

    What was it, exactly, that you REALLY meant to ask?

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