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how to get your ancestors further when you have got stuck!?

ok, we have been researching our family tree the cummins family, but there is one problem we can only really get back to 1796 with a boy who was a flax grower after that everything stops,and im wondering if anyone who has traced there ancestry to scotland if there family were presbyterians or whatever could tell me how you could get youre family back to the 1600s? (btw i live in northern ireland so this should help on what sites to recommend)

ok , well i asked this question for one reason and that reason was to get info on how someone who has got back to the 1600s could get back there as we have completly stopped at one person james cummins from coleraine,londonderry/derry , northern ireland and he was born on 1810 and died in 1895 but we cnt seem to find his parents a couple of weeks ago we went over to the local library to look in church records and we found i think it was john cummins and annie or ann cummins in his brothers and sisters marriages records , so if someone could research him to see if you could find out his parents and were they came from etc etc


to your answer jan the james cummins that you found is infact the one that i knw of but its almost impossible to find his parents so could you try and search further to see if you could find his parents ? thx regards club

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    This is part of my answer from last night. The first 2 are from the 1766 Ireland Religious Census:

    1. Name: Geo Cummin

    religion: Protestant (I assume)

    Parish: Aghalow & Carnteel (closest I could come to the latter county was Carntall (or Clogher), Tyrone at http://www.proni.gov.uk/index_to_presbyterian_reco... PRONI stands for "Public Record Office of Northern Ireland)

    Diocese: Armagh

    County: Tyrone

    2. Name: Robert Cummin

    Religion: P

    Parish: Aghalow & Carnteel

    Diocese: Armagh

    County: Tyrone

    Irish Flax Growers List, 1796

    Given Name: Robert

    Surname: Cummin (same one as above??)

    ID: 49086

    County: Tyrone

    http://www.familysearch.org --Family search pilot


    Name:James Cummins

    Registration District: Coleraine

    Index: DEATHS

    Registration Quarter: Apr - Jun 1895

    Estimated birth year: 1810

    Age at death: 85

    Volume: 1

    Page: 399

    Digital GS Number: 4200680

    Image Number: 00344

    (Same Indexes title)

    James Cummins

    Index: MARRIAGES

    Year: 1873

    District: Coleraine

    Film Number: 101252

    Volume: 1

    Page: 571

    Digital GS Number: 4179385

    Image Number: 00037

    Ireland, Index to Griffith’s Valuation, 1848-1864

    Name: James Cummins

    Location: Londonderry/Derry, Dunboe, Ballywildrick Upper


    It says here the surname CUMMINS is also listed sometimes as

    "Commons, Cuming, Cumins, Cumming, Cummings, Kimmons, and McCummings"

    Ralph Connors posted this reply about James Cummins on Feb. 12, 2009: "For James Cummins, B 1807 +/- 4 yrs somewhere in Ireland, I found 14 records in the Irish Family History Foundation's database. It contains 12,000,000 surviving records for abt 65% of Irish counties. Records are increasingly sparse (aka thinly scattered) before 1840, rare before 1800."


    May have hit the jackpot here: "Your search for CUMMINS FAMILY in PRONI found 12,519 hits!!" Some examples:

    Will Search Results: begins p. 14 of 14,810

    ID #, Name, death date, grant date/amount, Abstract (click on "details" button):

    # 39566-- Richard Cummins--d. 01/04/1882; grant date/amount: 26/04/1889 --£339 12s. 9d. The Will of Richard Cummins (Registry: Belfast; "Full Abstract:

    The Will of Richard Cummins late of Aghnamoney County Antrim Farmer who died 1 April 1882 at same place was proved at Belfast by Edward Cummins of Aghnamoney Farmer, one of the Executors."

    #32959 James Cummins--d. 16/02/1886; grant date/amount: 05/04/1886-- £80 10s. "Letters of Administration of the personal estate of James Cummins late of Mullaghdrin County Down Farmer who died 16 February 1886 at same place were granted at Belfast to Mary Cummins of Mullaghdrin Spinster a Child.

    Name Search--26 hits.

    # 59830: William Cummin--d. 03/09/1885; grant date/amount-- 24/04/1896, £653 18s. "Full Abstract:

    The Will of William Cummin late of Maghery County Down Farmer who died 3 September 1885 was proved at Belfast by Swan Nowell of Drummond said County Farmer, the surviving Executor"

    "Cummins of Londonderry" in PRONI found 12,541 hits!!

    (Sorry I couldn't find out any more from the above.)

    http://www.familysearch.org shows these varied spellings of the Cummins surname: CUMMINGS ; CUMMING ; COMMINS; KOMEN ;


    There is also some listings from the 1200- 1600's from Midlothian County, Scotland, as well as England and Ireland:

    1. A Comyn or Cumin - International Genealogical Index / BI

    Gender: Male Birth: About 1240, Scotland

    2. A COMYN - International Genealogical Index / BI

    Gender: Male Marriage: About 1290 Of Buchan, , Ayr, Scotland

    3. Abraham Cummings - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Christening: 11 NOV 1599 Easthorpe, Essex, England

    4. George Cummins--b. 03 MAR 1878 , Londonderry, Ireland (father's name also George; mother: Eliza Jane Cummins Selfridge)

    As for James:

    1. James Cummings - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Birth: 09 FEB 1877 , Londonderry, Ireland

    2. James Cummins - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Birth: 19 APR 1880 Magilligan, Londonderry, Ireland

    3. James Cummings - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Birth: 13 MAR 1876 Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland

    4. James CUMMINS - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Birth: 20 JUN 1817 Tyronne, , Londonderry, Ireland

    5. James CUMMINS - International Genealogical Index

    Gender: Male Death: 01 JAN 1884

    Robert CUMMINS--b. 1751 Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland ; d. 04 JUL 1838 ; Spouse: Rebecca Jane KILGORE

    Marriage: 1783 Sherman Valley, , Perry, Pennsylvania

    Robert Cumming--b. About 1757, Londonderry, Ireland ; Spouse: Rebecca Lowry--Marriage: 03 JAN 1774 , Londonderry, Ireland

    ** ROBERT CUMINS - (Fat

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    The problem with researching Scottish and Irish ancestry is that SO many records were destroyed. My Scottish ancestor, John Sinclair (1732-1792) data was available because he moved to the US. The same is true for my Irish lineage, James Beggs (1711-1779). I know in the case of James Beggs, he was sent by the crown from Scotland to Ireland in order to control the Irish. He had been a minister. All of the records that I have read point to the destruction of registries and records as to the reason many people hit a road block. Those people that can go back to the 1600's or earlier probably came from the gentry or nobility and their archives are more likely to be preserved.

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    Who were his sisters and brothers? Wife? Kids? Lived and died in Ireland?

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