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Help! Im so scared? Please answer?

Ok so yesterday i was at my high school football game and everyone decided to white out the other team. Gallons of baby powder were thrown in the air and you could barely breath. I was completley unaware that this was going to happen so i was in the middle of all the baby powder when it happened. Is this harmful to my lungs? Will it cause long term damage?


PS. when everyone threw it up there was a huge white cloud and youc ould barely see.

Right now my lungs feel like almost soar. and i keep coughing./

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    Baby powder is talc and fragrance. The talc works by absorbing moisture. Expect a dry cough for a few days, after that things should be o.k. There is nothing to show that talc is poisonous. Don't over do it with exercise. If things are still bothering you by Tuesday, see the nurse or go to a doctor, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    You definitely need to see your doctor. Baby powder can and does cause problems when inhaled in large quantities. The breathing trouble you are having may require medical treatment with inhalers, etc. Your doctor will be the best person to gauge whether you have been affected by the stuff or not. Good luck!

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    you will be fine. it's not tar or anything. it's not gonna eat away your lung tissue. your body's just trying to cough it up and get it out because it's not supposed to be there. you'll be fine.

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    It could be, I think you should consult a doctor.

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