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do you think Sirhan Sirhan was paid to shoot Kennedy?

Just give me your opinion.

I'm talking about Bobby Kennedy ( not President JFK ).

Sirhan mentions in his diary about recieving payments from a man.

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    John Kennedy let the freedom fighters die on the beach in Cuba after he promised to help them fight Castro to take back the island.. The Mob here in the US lost all their investments in Cuba. ( Casinos and other Investments) They thought John was in their pocket because of their help to put him Office via Teamster Union Fraud. Not only did he let Castro have their assets, he installed his Brother Bobby as Attorney General of the United States. Bobbie immediately went after Jimmy Hoffa

    the leader of the Teamster Union i.e. mobster. The mob had the best motive to want Bobby dead even though the damage was already done. It was probably a revenge killing. In autopsy photos you can see a V shaped wound on John Kennedy's forehead spreading out toward the back of his head which could indicate a frontal shot instead of a rear shot. Again the Mob had good motive for wanting the President Dead.

    All in all I think it is at least a possibility that Sirhan was a hit man and not just some nut.

    PS I'm 53 and lived through it as well.

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    I think he was a crazy person and wanted his 10 minutes of fame.

    It was such a tragedy.

    I am 50 and recall it completely.

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