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1)rate on a scale of 1-100 how well known pete doherty's two bands are.

2)how much would the beatles get?100?maybe.......

3)do you notice any major distinction between the sound/musical style of babyshambles/libertines?

4)what other kinds of music/bands preferably would you expect one to listen to if you only knew they liked the babyshambles/libertines??

answer all four pls....:)

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    1. 50 maybe? People know who Peter is, and by association might know about his bands, but not many would actually have listened to them.

    2. I'd go with 100 as well.

    3. I remember after DPT's first album came out, I said something like "Dirty Pretty Things are like The Libertines without a soul and Babyshambles are like The Libertines without the musical proficiency." So yeah.

    4. Dirty Pretty Things, Yeti, (John's band, they're very underrated) Peter's solo stuff, The Clash, The Smiths, The Cribs, Larrikin Love, Suede

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    1) I'm going with 40. when i say im a fan of the libertines or babyshambles, no one knows who they are, but if i say pete doherty they know him :P

    2) 100 definitely! lol

    3) yes I do. try listening to Dirty Pretty Things (Carl Barat's band). you can hear carl's influence and pete's influence in the libertines. and you can easily guess that it was Pete who took heroin and Carl

    4)Dirty Pretty Things

    The Clash

    The Strokes


    The Smiths

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    1) maybe 60. Pete himself (personal life) would be 100

    2) yeh, 100

    3) they're similar, but not the same

    4) The Strokes maybe.. indie

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    1. 45

    2. 100

    3. Yes

    4. alternative rock

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    1) In Greece about 20 (They are not that popular here)


    3) They are not that different

    4) Maybe Arctic Monkeys or the Stokes or something like that

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    1). 50

    2). 100

    3). Same Vocalist so they have the same sort of sound :)

    4). Indie- maybe arctic monkeys, jamie t

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    ,,combat on your precise" - Beastie Boys ,,on the Run From The MI5" - Arctic Monkeys ,,Magick" - Klaxons ,,green Onions" - Booker T and The MG'S ,,Outthaway!" - The Vines ,,no longer ordinary to describe" - The Strokes ,,do no longer look back Into The sunlight" - The Libertines ,,The Architect" - dEUS ,,follow some rigidity" - Maximo Park ,,Blitzkrieg Bop" - Ramones chuffed partying! ;D

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