is it true that bush jr. had more u.s. executive branch czars than obama?

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    Yes Bush had MORE Czars than Obama

    George W. Bush had 46 Czars ... Obama has 31 Czars

    Here is the list of Bush's Czars (they can all be googled)

    Abstinence Czar - TobiasRandal

    AIDS Czar - Scott Everts

    AIDS Czar - Joe ONeill

    AIDS Czar - Carol Thompson

    Bank Bailout Czar -Kashkari, Neel

    Bioethics Czar - Kass, Leon

    Bird flu Czar - Simonson, Stewart

    Budget czar - Daniels, Mitchell E.

    Budget Czar - Joshua Bolten

    Budget Czar - Portman, Rob

    Clean Up Czar - Roberson, Jessie

    Clean Up Czar - Rispoli, James

    Communications Czar - Bartlett, Dan

    Cyber Security Czar, Cyber Czar - Clarke, Richard A.

    Cyber Security Czar, Cyber Czar - Beckstrom, Rod

    Democracy Czar - Califano, Joseph

    Domestic Policy Czar - Rove, Karl

    Drug Czar- Walters, John P.

    Faith Czar - Willett, Don -Bush

    Faith-Based Czar, Faith Czar - DiIulio, John

    Faith Czar - Towey, Jim

    Faith Czar - Hein, Jay-

    Food Safety Czar - Acheson, David W. K.

    Global Czar - Tobias, Randall

    Global Czar - Dybul, Mark

    Health Czar for WTC - Howard, John

    Health IT Czar - Brailer, David J.

    Homeland Security Czar - Chertoff, Michael

    Homeless Czar, Homelessness Czar - Phil Mangano

    Hurricane Katrina Recovery Czar - Powell, Donald E.

    Intelligence Czar - Negroponte, John

    Intelligence Czar - Mcconnell, John Michael

    Manufacturing Czar - Frink, Albert

    Manufacturing Czar - Sutton, William G.

    Policy Czar - Gerson, Michael

    Public Diplomacy Czar - Hughes, Karen

    Public Diplomacy Czar - Glassman, James

    Reading czar - Lyon, G. Reid

    Regulatory Czar - John D. Graham

    Regulatory Czar - Dudley, Susan

    Savings & Loan Czar - Ryan, T. Timothy, Jr.

    Science Czar - Marburger, John

    Terrorism Czar - Brennan, John O.

    Terrorism Czar - Downing, Wayne

    Terrorism Czar - Clarke, Richard A.

    War Czar - Lute, Douglas

  • Depends on the information you are after.

    If you want to include as a "czar" everybody who the media nicknamed--whether out of their own laziness or out of contempt of the American voter--as a czar, then Bush wins, as he was President for 8 years. But included in that list are Senate-confirmed and Congressionally-overseen positions, dating all the way back to FDR.

    If, however, you want to know who has "appointed" to important policy positions the most people with the specific aim of circumventing the "advise and consent" role of Congress, then the answer is Obama, as he has created 9 additional such positions himself in his short term in office, while filling some of those left over from prior administrations.

    If you care about the distinction I make in the two immediately preceding paragraphs, you should "google" the list provided by Bruce above. You will find that a LOT of those positions are filled with full "advise and consent" and oversight of the Congress. . .or are wrong to be on the list for Bush jr (such as John Brennan, who holds the position under Obama but did not under Bush, and T Timothy Ryan, who held it under Bush the elder in the early 1990's)

    Source(s): wikipedia--but watch out, it isn't truly accurate. Some "Presidential appointees" are actually Senate-confirmed positions.
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    no, I don't believe so. Bush's czars included:

    •Cyber Security Czar

    •Regulatory Czar

    •AIDS Czar

    •Bird Flu Czar

    •Intelligence Czar

    •Health IT Czar

    •Katrina Czar

    •Manufacturing Czar

    •Drug Czar

    •Domestic Policy Czar

    •War Czar

    •Copywright Czar

    •Abstinence Czar

    •Mine Safety Czar

    •Latin American Czar

    •WTO Health Czar

    •Corruption Czar

    •Privacy Czar

    •Health Czar

    still a decent amount, but I believe that Obama is double that at this point.

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    I dont think he had any.

    I never heard of the term Czar being used in Americas politics until Obama took office. Its a position reserved for socialist and communist countries.

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    no, but he did have at least a dozen of them without right wingers complaining even once.

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    no but nice try

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    but maybe he should have had more...

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  • no

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