All the deaths from all Final Destination movie?

I just wanna know every single death from every Final Destination movie. Be detailed and accurate. Thanks!

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    Final Destination (1):

    Tod Waggner - He is strangled to death in the shower after slipping on water dripping from a pipe, and he is the first one to die.

    Terry Chaney - She is shockingly run over by a bus, and is the second one to die.

    Ms. Valerie Lewton - A piece of glass from her exploding computer monitor slashed her throat. She is then impaled by a knife, which kills her, and her house then explodes from a gas leak. She is the third one to die.

    William "Billy" Hitchcock - He gets brutally decapitated by a piece of Carter's car which flies off the train track, and he is the fourth one to die since death skipped Carter.

    Carter Horton - Although Carter's death is not shown on screen, it is strongly implied that he is killed at the end of the film by a falling marquee in Paris, as the film abruptly ends right before it strikes him.

    Alexander Chance "Alex" Browning - Alex is revealed to have been killed between Final Destination and Final Destination 2 by a falling brick. He was the sixth survivor of Flight 180 to die.

    Final Destination (2):

    Evan Lewis - He escapes a microwave-induced fire in his apartment but is killed by impalement through the eyes by the fire escape ladder. He was the first one to die.

    Timothy "Tim" Carpenter - Tim survives a near-fatal choking incident at a dentist's office, only to be crushed by a giant glass window that falls from a crane outside. He was the second one to die.

    Nora Carpenter - She is killed in an elevator by decapitation and is the third one to die.

    Kat Jennings - She is killed after being in a car crash and becoming stuck in her seat, when the airbag goes off and impales her head into a pipe protruding from the back of her seat. She is the fourth one to die.

    Rory Peters - He is killed after an explosion, being cut into four pieces after a barb-wire fence slices through him. He is the fifth one to die.

    Eugene Dix & Clear Rivers - He is killed in the explosion in the hospital along with Clear and is the sixth one to die.

    Officer Thomas Burke & Kimberly Corman - the DVD for Final Destination 3 features a newspaper clipping indicating that they died in a woodchipper accident.

    Final Destination (3):

    Ashley Freund & Ashlyn Halperin - She is burned alive in a sunbed. She dies with her friend, Ashlyn.

    Frankie Cheeks - Frankie meets his end after a truck engine gets embedded in his head. In the original version he is the third one to die.

    Lewis Romero - He meets his end with the weights on his machine crash his head in. He was the 4th person to die.

    Erin Ulmer - She is killed by a nail gun. She is the 5th person to die.

    Perry Malinowski - She is killed when a horse sends a flag flying through straight through her torso. She is the 6th person to die.

    Ian McKinley - He meets his end after a crane holding a sign drops on him. He is the 7th person to die.

    Julie Christensen - he is hitched outside during a train crash in Wendy's last premonition but is ambiguous as to whether she died as was foretold. She is the 8th person to die.

    Kevin Fischer - He is presumably killed on a train crash. He is the 9th person to die.

    Wendy Christensen - he was the last to die in a train crash in her last premonition but it is ambiguous as to whether she has actually been killed.

    Final Destination (4):

    Cynthia Daniels - She was killed by being sliced in half by a flying car hood, just as in the premonition. She was the first one to die.

    Nadia Monroy - She is then killed right after when a tire from an exploding car smashes into her head, decapitating her. She is the second one to die.

    Carter Daniels - He gets his leg caught on the hook of his tow truck, he is then set on fire then blown up with the truck. He is the third one to die.

    Samantha Lane - A sharp stone flies right through her right eye when a lawnmower runs over it and propels it outwards. She is the fourth one to die.

    Andy Kewzer - He is crushed into a fence by a flying CO2 canister, which dices his torso. He is the fifth one to die.

    Hunt Wynorski - His intestines are violently sucked out of his bottom by a pool drainage system. He is the sixth one to die.

    Jonathan Grove - When recovered and sent to a hospital, a small pool falls on him through the ceiling from the floor above, crushing him. He is the seventh to die.

    George Lanter - He is run over by a speeding ambulance. He is the eighth to die.

    Janet Cunnigham - She is run over by a truck along with Nick and Lori, and is crushed by its front left tire. She is the ninth to die.

    Lori Milligan - She is hit by a truck, along with Nick and Janet, and is thrown hard against a wall, decapitating her. She is the tenth to die.

    Nick O' Bannon - He is hit by a truck along with Lori and Janet, and the impact smashes him against the cafe wall, killing him. He is the eleventh to die, And He is the last survivor of the McKinley Speedway.

  • Naomi is torn in half by a tire.

    At a local cafe, Nick, Hunt, Lori, and Janet are gathered, still in shock from what occurred. A news report informs them that the death toll currently stands at 52, and a memorial will be held the next night for the deceased. Nick and Lori decide to go pay their respects. When they arrive, the other survivors thank Nick for saving their lives. Carson, the racist man, blames George the security guard for his wife's death - Carson had told his wife to stay in the stands as he left the racetrack, and George did not allow him re-entry. Carson threatens George.

    That night, Nick has another premonition in the form of a vague nightmare. Carson, driving a tow truck under the influence of alcohol. He arrives at George's house and starts digging a hole in his yard so that he may plant a flaming cross. However, a horseshoe hanging from his rear view mirror hits his radio, activating it. When Carson runs over to investigate, the truck begins to drive, as he had left the keys in the ignition. The tow truck's hook catches onto Carson's leg, and drags him down the street. Sparks from the metal hook ignite a gasoline spill, lighting him on fire. George opens his door to investigate the commotion, and the resultant explosion causes Carson's head to land near George's feet.

    The next morning, Lori and Janet are watching TV, and are shocked to see Carson has been killed. Nick realizes that the door to George's house was an element of his nightmare, and that it may have been another premonition.

    Samantha, the mother, is getting her hair done at a salon. After a series of near misses, involving a falling ceiling fan that misses her, a barber chair, and exploding aerosol cans that slip in between the active contacts of a hair straightener, a riding lawn mower outside kicks a rock at high speed through the doorway of the salon and into Samantha's eye socket, killing her.

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