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How much is it to ship an adult bike?

If you shipped a bike before, how much did the post office charge you? I already checked their website, but since I don't have the dimensions, it wouldn't give me an estimate.

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    Depends on the postal service. Bike boxes are too large for most postal services to take. You have to use some other service. How much it costs depends on the distance you want to ship. If it is not far, it doesn't cost much, but if you were shipping say, from one coast of North America to the other, it could cost over $100.

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    Ship via Fedex or UPS. Whichever gives you the lowest price. 1200 miles cost me $100 for packing by a bike shop and the shipping. Probably about $50 for 1200 miles if you do your own packing.

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    It depends on the dimensions and weight. Adult bikes aren't all the same so it's impossible to just give a specific amount.

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