Google logo shows a... UFO?

It's not the same on my Google's english version.

And it doesn't pop out that line which tells you "why today there is UFO on Google's logo".lol

By clicking on it, it transfers me to anything about ανεξήγητα φαινόμενα.

Is it a special day today or something?

Or is it just random?

Just wondering...

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    1 decade ago
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    "Google UFO logo leads to unexplained phenomenon searches"

    "A Google logo featuring a saucer-shaped spacecraft shining a light on the second "o" has the Web atwitter with searches for unexplained phenomenon, the Taos hum and more evidence of the paranormal.

    All of those searches are among the most common this morning, according to Google Trends. Google regularly changes its logo, but this one appears to be attracting more attention than usual. Some have suggested Google is trying to tell us something about aliens arriving soon on Earth"

    I think it's largely due to the increase in reports of sightings of UFO's and extra-terrestrials which I read in the newspapers recently -

    'Japans New First Lady flew to Venus on UFO' -

    The ''Alien Baby' found by a farmer in Mexico -

    and a Yeti filmed in Poland

    Usually the the graphics on the google logo is often for a special event or anniversary so I found it a bit strange there wasn't a particular reason why as when you click on the google image it takes you to a link of unexplanied phenomenom sites.

    But if it was somehow related to Japans lady talking about her experience with ufo's and the alien baby and such then I thought there would be links to that information when you click on the google graphics with the UFo.. but obviously not.

    I think it's to do with the rise in sightings and reportings etc..

    "Twitter and Facebook flooded with alien theories about Google UFO logo" -

    "Google’s Unexplained Phenomenon UFO logo remains a mystery" -

  • I decided to do some research to help you out :) But the first answerer beat me to it b/c the link I found is the same link he has :( But yeah the English version of Google has the UFO too, and if you click on it, it'll take you to alot of unexplained phenomenom websites. The first paragraph of the link basically says it all...............

    The fact the Guardian's Bad Science column has now surpassed 300 articles may indicate that the public's interest in debunking myths is nearly as voracious as their appetite for the paranormal and unexplained - the subject of a special edition Google logo today.

    Hope i helped :D ........ how bout some cookies with your tea?

    Source(s): edit: had to give link..dont wanna be accused of plagiarism :P
  • 4 years ago

    i analyze it and that's what i've got been given nevermind, i got here upon the respond. this is approximately well-known uninteresting seek stats. Google trending subjects acceptable now prepare 2 of the perfect ten developments as #one million unexplained phenomenon and #6 "ideal 10 unexplained phenomena." And the Google type right this moment looks to circulate acceptable alongside with that subject rely. the type represents "unexplained phenomena" like UFOs. with the aid of type, a chicken-egg question clearly arises: is it a coincedence that the type right this moment represents unexplained phenomena, or are people finding for unexplained phenomena with the aid of type?

  • hi-c
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    1 decade ago

    apparently, there's been a recent surge of people using google to look up science fiction/ufo material.

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    lol.. ya I got that too and I was wondering what the heck is that for

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