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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

where is alice in Kingdom Hearts??!!?

oooooooooooooooookay. so basicly i have been playin kingdom hearts, and i stopped for like, 3 im playin it again, and im in wonder Land, and im in the lotas forest...and i cant find alice anywhere!! can u tell me what to do, or send me a url link that like shows me a map or something?? thnxx :P

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  • Kelsey
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago
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    As soon as everyone realizes that Alice is gone, another search is put upon the group. You must find out where Alice went! Don't worry about being attacked by the cards again either. It seems that all is forgiven for the time being! If you return to the Rabbit Hole (where you entered) you can fight some enemies to make a chest with a MEGA-POTION appear.

    Back in the Lotus forest, feed the yellow flower another potion to grow large. Slide the nearby boulder into the pond to raise two mushrooms. Hit the big tree to access the nut again, and choose to take it. Before eating it, hit the tree again to keep it facing away from you. Now eat the acorn to shrink back to small size.

    Back at the pond, use the newly raised mushrooms to access a closed off area. Feed the yellow flower a Hi-Potion to receive a MEGA-POTION and some MP balls. Use the Trinity mark to get a CAMPING SET and even more MP balls. Ignore the bellflowers for now, and enter the nearby door to find yourself back in the Queen's Castle. Open the nearby chest for an AERO-G. From here, drop down and reenter the forest.

    Back in the forest, head to the back again, and jump on the mushrooms (use the larger mushroom on the left) to reach the branch with the acorn. From here, enter the nearby door set into the leafy canopy to enter the Bizarre Room... but I think Bizarre Room is a gross understatement for what you find next. The whole room has been turned on its side! Check the first lamp to light it, and you will receive a chest with a DEFENSE UP. When you light the second lamp, a picture appears. Examine this to reenter another closed off section of the Lotus Forest. Feed a Potion to the flower on the right to get a HI-POTION and MP balls. You can give the other flower an Elixir for a MYTHRIL SHARD and some munny, but it's up to you whether or not you make the trade in. You'll get about 180 munny for this. Exit this section of the forest the way you came in.

    Back in the Bizarre Room, examine the shelf with the teddy bear, and attack the latch to make the shelf drop the bear. This affects events a bit later. Exit the Bizarre Room the way you came in.

    Here in the forest, go back to the entrance, and jump up the mushrooms in the alcove. Head up toward the door above the entrance, and you will exit back out into Bizarre Room, this time on the other wall. Turn the faucet to make the pot become real, and jump into it to return to the Queen's Castle area. The nearby chest contains DALMATIANS 58, 59, and 60.

    Save here, and return to the Bizarre Room (right-side up), and grow big again. The book that appeared in the corner contains a MYTHRIL SHARD. Move the teddy bear to the other chair to create a clock. Move it to reveal another entrance. Turn small again and exit to the Tea Party Garden.

    When you enter, take the AEROGA-G from the chest and hop down. Read the sign near the portrait a couple of times. You can sit in any of the chairs once, and 5 of them will yield very good items. The other two trigger battles that you may or may not wish to fight.

    Now enter the door nearby that leads to the Bizarre Room. Now you're on the ceiling! Jump onto the table from the nearby ramp and light the candles to talk to the Cheshire Cat again. Down on the wall is a small latch that opens a hidden door. Jump through to find yet another chest in the Queen's Castle area. This one contains DALMATIANS 13, 14, and 15. Nine down, ninety to go. Yipee!

    Enter the Bizarre room again (right side up), and check the plant to get a couple of POTIONS and a MYTHRIL SHARD, as well as some HP balls. Make sure to go back into the Queen's Castle area to save before talking to the Cheshire Cat. You should be around level 13 if you want an easy battle. An IFRIT'S HORN is yours for completing this battle.

    Following the post-battle cutscene, you will receive a NAVI-G PIECE, and that's about all that's left to do in Wonderland, for now.

  • 1 decade ago

    You don't find Alice, you see her later in the game, but not there, your mission for now is to get out of that world (do what the other person that answered this question said)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    She is in the level Wonderland. You don't find her until the end of the game,as she has been kidnapped by the heartless. hth :)

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