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What to wear to a middle school dance?

The middle school dance is on friday night, and I want to wear something cute. It's my first time at this school, and idk what to wear. It's not that fancy, but what do i wear, and where can i get something like it?

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    I think you should wear skinny jeans or any type of jeans, ballet flats or any shoes that your comfortable in, and a cute shirt (a t-shirt or short sleeved blouse would look fine)

    Just don't wear too many layers! You're probably going to be dancing a lot! (haha it's a dance!)

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    i love middle school dances. anyways... ok at our school its different every year everybody just kind of decides together like one year it was something another it was gouchos, this year it was knee length dresses. so you might want to ask other girls in your grade what they plan on wearing. but dresses are usually always good. that was my favorite to wear. whatever you decide ask other girls if they like your outfit so that you don't make a mistake. you don't want this to be a bad night it only comes once a year. oh yeah!! one more thing. if the dress code is being enforced then follow it i had a halter dress then i took off my shrug and if i didn't put the shrug back on then they could actually throw you out. good luck!! ♥ Sarah!

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    you could wear a cute floral top and skinny jeans with ballet style flats. that is something cute but not too fancy. you can try looking in department stores...or the mall

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    im a guy but heres what i always do

    a dress shirt, with jeans to look somwhat dressed but overall underdressed

    but what most girls do is wear something to jump around in, cause thats kinda what they do. its like a mosh pit, the dance floor. just wear something thats "cute" and you don't mind jumping and dancing around in.

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    wear cute jeans that fit well but aren't too tight cause then you wont be able to dance and a tanktop cause it will probably be hot in the dance

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    converse shoes, skinny jeans, bright pink tanktop, and a striped hoodie. MS dances aren't that fancy.

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    **wear jeans or jean shorts depending on the temperature

    (i would go with shorts, it can get really hot at those things!!)

    **and wear a cute short sleeve or spaghetti strap baby doll top!

    you cant go wrong with flirty basics!!

    have a great time at the dance:)

    blessings <3

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    I wore a ,

    Pink neon to to

    Black top

    Pink neon leg warmers

    Silver heals


    HAVE FUNN (:

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    everyone one at my school wore what they wore at school that day. or just go to walmart and get the miley cyrus shirt with the vest and printed tie with the skirt and suspenders, thats cute.

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    Do have a kohls where you live? here are some things I found at kohls online:

    I love those dresses they are very cute!! Hope I helped you!

    Or if you want cute normal day outfits:

    This shirt:

    With this cardigan:

    And a pair of jeans...or anything you have in your closet that you really like, be yourself.

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