What are the top 3 majors of Iowa State University?

=) please and thank you


lol i'm not planning on going there at all..since i'm from texas..but this is for an assignment.. thank you anyyway

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    Ew. Go to the University of Iowa, not Iowa State. ;)

    Anyways, for ISU, I couldn't find the top 3, but here are the popular ones:

    Biological Sciences


    Business and Related Programs

    Computer and Mathematical Sciences


    Engineering, Design, and Technology

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    Fine Arts and Design

    Music and the Performing Arts

    Physical Sciences

    Premedical and Health Sciences

    Preveterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

    Professional Communication

    Social Sciences

    Sports and Exercise Sciences

    The Environment

    The Expanding World of Agriculture and Life


    The Humanities

    World Languages and Cultures

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