Marijuana? Can someone give me a reason why its bad?

1 MARIJUANA DOES NOT MAKE YOU STUPID. If it did then why has there been so many successful people in the world that have inhaled. There studies that show that it actually stimulates brain activity.

2 IT DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS. the test that showed loss was done, instead of recommended 30 joints a day, by placing gas masks over monkeys and then pumping sixty grams of weed in five minutes WITHOUT additional oxygen. The monkeys suffocated which caused brain cell loss.

3 IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU CANCER. There is not one case of anyone getting cancer from smoking marijuana alone. You can't find one. Cigarettes however kill many many people

studies show THC attacking malignant tumors. A cure for cancer?

4 IT HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. EVER. Caffeine kills more people a year

5 It is THE number one cash crop. HEMP has more uses then any other industrial plant and America is the only country not growing it.

6 NO VIOLENT CASES. EVER. The only violent cases you here are because its illegal. Drug wars in Mexico would stop in there tracks if we legalize it. Most of there funding comes from marijuana and the US is their best costumer.

7. THIRTEEN states have legalized it for medical purposes.

8 IT HAS NO ADDICTIVE QUALITIES. The reason why there are so many people are in rehab for it is because when your caught you can either go to jail or go to rehab. 15% of people in rehab for marijuana are there because they want to be. Most people in rehab are first time offenders

9 ALCOHOL is much worse in every way. Case after case you hear people dying because of alcohol or related to alcohol. drunk drivers. Not to mention that during alcohol's prohibition it gave birth to organized crime.

10 THE GATEWAY THEORY doesn't make sense. Its scientifically impossible. Only one 1 of every 140 weed smokers also do cocaine.

11 If it were legalized it would be WAY HARDER FOR KIDS to get it because they would have to go through a regulated system. The store owner would lose his license. A drug dealer only cares about the money.

Also the government can tax it, Just like they tax tobacco. And you don't see people growing tobacco in there garden either.

Any good reason why its still illegal??

My sources:

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High



HIGH-The True Tale of American Marijuana

Thanks for reading. 10 points if you can give me a good reason.


Dear claire, I have checked the facts and they say that no one has ever gotten cancer from marijuana use alone. If your much more likely to get cancer from marijuana like you say, then how come you cant find a case of it.

Update 2:

Thank you bluguy57

Update 3:

Bob Marely died of cancer. Doctors speculate that he lived as long as he did through his long term marijuana use. And I haven't smoked in about three months. I haven't had any withdrawals or anything of the sort.

Update 4:

And so what if I want to smoke it. That doesn't make my facts any less true. Its the people who smoke it and love it who will be the ones to do the research and fight for it.

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    Claire that may be true, but there are still no studies that show marijuana actually causing cancer. It could be that the THC's anti-cancer effects outdo the carcinogenic effects of the extra tars and resins. Regardless that still leaves brownies, vaporization(which avoids combustion), and tea. Neither of those methods give you any carcinogens. If marijuana was legal it would be easier for people to choose their method of use. Right now people get what they get. Vaporizers are expensive and hard to come by, baking brownies is time consuming, and making tea requires the collection of stems over a period of time. If marijuana was legal people could go to the store and get vaporizers, buy brownies at bakeries, or get tea bags for marijuana. I bet smoking it would fall out of use.

    Also notice you got your information from a government website. Those people who made that have a vested interest in marijuana remaining illegal whether that is a good policy or not, because it means their jobs if it were legalized.

    As for the link with anxiety, depression, and psychosis these associations are spurious at best. Many studies used to 'prove' this rely on pure THC in laboratory settings. Marijuana is not pure THC, it has other chemicals that modify its effects such as CBD (which has proven antipsychotic effects). Also, many people report experiencing relief for anxiety or depression, and some psychotic people stop hearing voices when high.

    As for addiction it's about as addictive as video games or going to church. It can become a routine, but you're not going to have withdrawal symptoms if you need to quit for some reason.

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    you've covered it well. The only reason its still illegal is not for any logical or safety reasons, but for economic and legal ones. In California, and many other states for nearly all intents and purposes it IS legal. Anyone can go sign up for a license and walk into a Starbuck's-like dispensary and buy a wide variety of products.

    But the answer to your question is similar to the answer to why we still have a carbon based energy economy rather than green energy and smart grids; or why the Farm Bill still subsidizes corn and soy the way it does--not because the current system makes any sense, but we are economically entrenched in it and there are powerful economic interests in maintaining the status quo.

    In addition to the economic forces, there are thorny legal issues that beset legaization on the Federal level. We are party to all kinds of international treaties that specifically forbid the United States from legalizing marijuana. Aside from the psychoactive flowers, hemp would be a big commodity entering international trade markets, you can imagine the problems such a highly superior competitive product would create.

    I haven't given you a very exhaustive answer, but basically its not about the sociological affects of legalizing marijuana or anything logical like the fact that in every measurable way alcohol is more harmful to society than THC. The obstacles to reform are mostly economic and political. Look at what's going on with healthcare right now, there is a hugely powerful industry reliant upon the status quo, progressive reform, even if its win/win in the long run, is a disruption that these powerful interest will not allow if they can help it.

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    In most cases, those that defend it, are the ones that are addicted to it, and theres your bad point, you requested! CAn yous top smoking it right now, and never touch it again? If the answer is yes, without the excuse of "I can, but I don't want to!", then I stand corrected, but half of wide freaking america can''t, including most of the people I know!

    Another thing, is take a good look at Bob Marley, he thought it was okay too, until it took his life eveuntally!

    You think it feels good! But let me tell you, not everything that feels good, is good for you! There are two kinds of pain your body recognizes, that which hurts, and that which feels good.

    When you smoke that stuff, your mind is going, this feels great, but your body is saying, it may feel great, but that "great" your feeling is sometihng I'm translating into "pain", damage is being done, one way or another, that the eye does not see!

    Would you want your wife addicted to that crap! Its all people know, and they want to share that addiction with others, who in turn share it with others, how many addictions are you responsible for?

    "Hey man, try this! You'll like it!"

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    It's great, it's not bad. Watch the movie "Super High Me", it breaks down all the myths of ganja. Some of the most respected people on earth puff the magic dragon, like the great Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Ben Stiller, Jenifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Woody Harrison, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Jacky Chan, and Dave Chappelle.

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    I agree, for the most part, it's no worse than tobacco.

    BUT, if you want to make a public policy change case for this, abandon the arguments you've given, many of which are basic logical fallacies.

    The basic point is, it's no worse than tobacco, and probably better than alcohol, for a variety of reasons. It should be made legal, no doubt.

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    Honestly weed is not bad its great to me! I love weed and I dont think I'd trade that for any other drug period. All of the above is fact weed cannot kill you and it doesn't make you stupid unless you just sit on your *** all day and smoke. If you smoke a blunt or what have you its relaxing and it calms you down it doesn't make you do retarded things like other drugs out here. Herb is a plant and God made plants and meant for us to smoke it.

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    really i can't find a good reason why it should be illegal. since this is illegal i dont understand why alcohol is not yet because alcohol is responsible for riots, people getting in car crashes and killing innocent people, fights and things like that.

    i never hear about people doing things like this while being high on marijuana

    pisses me off

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    Listen to your elders...we are wise.

    In all my years, I have never seen any problems caused by marijuana, not like alcohol or gambling, or even cigarettes - all backed by my government, yet marijuana is still illegal!!

    The only issue I have with getting high is age. My grandkids are still to young, the oldest is only 15. It isn't for kids, period. Once you're 21 or better, enjoy.

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    You need to check your facts.

    Marijuana smoke contains 50–70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than does tobacco smoke, so it is actually more likely to cause lung cancer than tobacco is. Marijuana users usually inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than tobacco smokers do, which further increase the lungs’ exposure to carcinogenic smoke. Marijuana smokers show dysregulated growth of epithelial cells in their lung tissue, which could lead to cancer

    Marijuana use is correlated with the development of anxiety, psychosis, and depression, and long-term use can lead to addiction.

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    It's like being drunk in public, which is illegal too. Misuse of products causes harm to people and others and causes accidents and makes people DO stupid things. I don't really know why it's illegal, I just know that misuse of mouthwash can result in a drunk killing somebody just as much as any other product being misused can harm people.

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